Mini Me Monday

My Dress & Sandals: Nordstrom Rack | Little's Dress: Ted Baker | Little's Sandals: Old Navy

My Dress & Sandals: Nordstrom Rack | Little’s Dress: Ted Baker | Little’s Sandals: Old Navy

It’s Monday, yey. I know most are not enthusiastic about this day but I am. I am this week anyway!

We have experienced everything that San Antonio has to offer except the shopping. What kind of vacation would we experience with out a little shopping too, right? So that is what is on the to do list for today.

Lyianna had her own little to do list today and that was to wear this dress, again. It has become one of her favorites! I am grateful we found it for $8 at a second hand store …

Thank you for following along on our little adventures,


Happy Pueblita Dress

Flower Crown & Dress: Walmart | Sunglasses: Steve Madden : Sandals: Nordstrom Rack

Flower Crown & Dress: Walmart | Sunglasses: Steve Madden : Sandals: Nordstrom Rack

 Happy weekend ya’ll! While in the midst of San Antonio’s annual Fiesta I am falling more in love with the Mexican culture. Next to their delicious food my favorite part is their fashion.

I specifically love their famous pueblita dress. It is comfortable, modest and breathable. The dress comes in many different colors. As many of you know in following us over the last couple of years my daughter and I love to match. Yes, I do mean WE. She now asks to pick what we wear and chose our yellow dresses. Her reason was because they were bright and happy. 

Once we joined the celebration downtown we found not be the only “tourists” who dressed up. We were even being thanked by many for participating and supporting their festival. I highly recommend that when you are traveling to partake in whatever traditions you can, it is a blessing not only to you but others. 
God bless,


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