Sunday Ruffles

Dress & Sandals: Nordstrom Rack

Dress & Sandals: Nordstrom Rack



Happy Sunday everyone! Thanks for following along this week as my family and I have enjoyed celebrating with San Antonio’s community. Their Fiesta has been fun. I have received a couple emails requesting further information on┬áSan Antonio’s festivals and city. I will try my best to write a post on all of that for you, soon!

Today we will be relaxing at a resort to give ourselves a break from all of the sightseeing and walking. This dress is one of my favorites for doing just that. Any maxi dress would be comfortable for lounging but the subtle ruffles on this particular one keeps it from being plain and boring.

I can’t wait to do some more swimming, reading and napping today. I hope ya’ll get to do some of that too.

Enjoy your Sunday,


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