Wholesome Wednesday: Be Our Guest

White Frames: Walmart | Bed, Duvet, Nightstand, Curtains & Rug: Ikea | Chairs: Amazon | Scalloped Stand: Navy Exchange | Small Frames, Vase & Clock: Home Goods | Anchor Laundry tote: TJ MAXX | Gold Tray & Blue Pillows: Dirt Cheap | Map: Hobby Lobby


In the midst of still adjusting to our life and new routine here in Japan I have finally been graced with a little time to myself. I’m currently in the northern part of Okinawa island sitting in a little cafe. I am sipping on fresh squeezed pineapple juice while overlooking the Pacific Ocean and thinking of home, you my family and friends. Oh I really miss you … (So just as I was about to put a period at the end of this sentence I received a FaceTime call on my lap top! From my youth girls in Texas! Wo, God!)

Then it dawned on me, I haven’t really updated you in a while! Since we’re all missing home and y’all I figured I’d continue where I left off in our home reveal series. Today I’m welcoming you into our guest room. This is the first room we set up because we want to be prepared for visitors as soon as possible. Sadly, this may be the first place we are visited less frequently since it is the furthest we have been stationed. Non the less, we are ready for you!

The nautical theme of this room is inspired from our love of the sea. Jacob and I both were born and raised in California near the ocean. I prefer to just listen to and stare at it while Jacob loves to swim, snorkel, dive and sail it. We have incorporated our love into this space by working with the textures of rope and metal, focused on the primary color blue and use photos I’ve taken over the years of difference ocean settings. Well, I’m actually just getting around to placing photos in all of our empty frames, lol. Dependent on who visits we trade out a few photos of the sea with photos of whoever is visiting. We love being intentional about this as to make it more homelike for the guest.

We also love the nautical theme in our guest room for its neutrality.  I have a wonderful husband who enjoys being apart of the decorating process. So from the beginning of our marriage I have had the joyful the challenge of finding and keeping the balance between the feminine and masculine touch. One of our favorite pieces was the world map. It’s a popular one I believe and so to make it unique to us we are placing gold pins to mark everywhere we have lived. The color and texture of this map really brought out and tied together our connection with sea, travel and our appreciation for even handedness.

Neutral tones are the way to go. Especially, for us military (or anyone else who moves often) families always moving. We are often restricted with finances, size, and finances. So this works great with constant change and white walls. Incorporating clear furniture is another great “trick” to make a small space seem breathable. Overall this room is open, light, airy, relaxing and even a man can appreciate it. In fact, a few neighbor’s husbands have complimented the room. I have to admit when a man appreciates our taste it almost makes me more proud than when a woman admires it! Women just know how to meet you at your level of excitement though.

It sure was exciting when Jacob joined the Navy and has since been moving us around the world trading one ocean for another. It has made this interior design even more fitting.

We hope you soon you will experience our seafaring love of a room,

Until then, God bless you!



Sunday Tulle

Necklace: Bauble Bar | Top: Nordstrom Rack | Skirt: Windsor | Heels: Sara Jessica Parker | Purse: Michael Khors


Happy Sunday! I know I have been MIA for a bit (a long bit) and I can explain! First let me say thank you. Thank you to all who love and support me with constant encouragement of getting back on here. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I appreciate you.

Right before the holidays I took a trip to Georgia with my family who I don’t get to see often. We celebrated one of my little cousin’s Army boot camp graduation. It was a time full of pride, tears, hope and love. Being a military family I value time with loved ones much more than I did before. So this short and quick week together was really meaningful. I chose to put my phone away and focus on being in their presence. Well one week turned into the next once I got back home. Decidedly, I took a break from social media life.

Looking back now I realize how crucial that break was because life got so busy with expected and unexpected experiences. Some of those experiences I will be sharing soon.

Until then I’m continuing with bringing you Sundays in Style and I’m starting with this tulle skirt ensemble. Just something about wearing tulle that makes me feel even more like the princess that I am. Especially on a Sunday when I’m going before the king with heart and worship!





Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs | Top: Mossimo (Target) | Jeans: Calvin Klein | Boots: Nordstrom Rack

Ok so I thought I’d give y’all a freebie of who I dressed up as today. My daughter said no one would be able to guess, Vidia. Ring a bell for anyone? Well she is the wind fairy from Tinker Bell movies but with the lighting from today’s shoot dressing as Iridessa (the light fairy) would have been more fitting! 

I chose Vidia for the colors. She has the darkest wardrobe of them all. Wearing darker colors is one of the easiest ways to dress for Autumn. It can take away half your time getting ready of you start with color, just FYI. Wearing boots is another easy investment into a fall outfit and I’ll talk a tiny bit about that tomorrow.  

Until then we will be cuddling to Tinker Bell on repeat because now Camrielle loves the movie too. And how cute is Camrielle photo bombing? SOOO cute!



Mini Me Monday


ME:  Coat: Nordstrom Rack |DRESS: Target | Flats: Tory Birch | HER: Coat: Zara | Dress: Zara | Necklace: Gifted | Shoes: Target | Doll: American Girl Truly Me

ME: Coat: Nordstrom Rack |DRESS: Target | Flats: Tory Birch |
HER: Coat: Zara | Dress: Zara | Necklace: Gifted | Shoes: Target | Doll: American Girl Truly Me


Welcome back everyone! It has been so long that I almost forgot how to blog, lol. Anyone else wonder where the pictures and content were when this first posted? I did. Thankfully, I have corrected the post …

I find myself being apologetic for the long absence and at the same time not. That whole sorry not sorry motto can be inserted here , right? Life happened and I am glad that living my life was priority over blogging about it.The break was needed and wonderful but since I have a few fans constantly requesting my return, especially that of my four-year old, I have decided to spend time again in one of my favorite corners of life. So, it is official to say I am back. 

As you see in the photos our oldest daughter, Lyianna, has acquired a new love. Please meet Isla Rose, our American Girl doll. She became a part of our family on Christmas morning. Isla really does everything with us and it brings me so much joy to see Lyianna so happy with her doll. It has also brought us even closer as I even enjoy playing with my own doll that I gifted myself. Lyianna’s excitement in having a Isla to dress up and play with reminds me of that same emotion in hearing I was having a girl. I remember how undescribably joyful it was to know I was going to have a girl, my own real american girl.



p.s. If you are contemplating jumping on the American Girl wagon I would love to answer any questions you may have. Let me know if you would like to read a post on America Girl Dolls!



A Grey day

Sunglasses: Jessica Simpsom via Marshalls | Dress: Target | Boots: Ross

Sunglasses: Jessica Simpson via Marshalls | Dress: Target | Boots: Ross


This was Sunday’s look. I was happy to be cozy but also semi dressed up. I am slowly fitting into more and more of my clothes which always makes for a good day. My days have been better since getting ahead of a recent cold but they have been lacking in blogging. I thank you for the get well emails and concerns, ya’ll are the sweetest. I hope your day only gets sweeter!

Thanks for reading,


Spring Fur


Fur Vest: Steve Madden | Top: Nordstrom Rack | Jean s: Target | Rain Boots: Hunter

Fur Vest: Steve Madden | Top: Nordstrom Rack | Jean s: Target | Rain Boots: Hunter


Hi! Although I wore this ensemble a couple weeks ago I want to wear it again. It is officially Spring but for many of us out there it still feels like Winter. As tempted as I am to get dressed up in this cozy ensemble I have opted for staying home in pajamas and turning up the heat …



A Pink Sunday

Dress: BCBG Generation | Necklace: Macy's | Heels: Guess

Dress: BCBGeneration | Necklace: Macy’s | Heels: Guess


Happy Sunday! Today I was in a very pink mood as you can see. I love a monochromatic look and this dress set the tone. I purchased this dress on sale for less than $17! It is made of light sweater material which made for a great transitional piece. It was very comfortable for an almost over winter day.

Thanks for reading,


Operation Prom

Dresses: Nordstrom Rack

Dresses: Nordstrom Rack

Good afternoon! Today I’ve partnered with my friend Melissa who started the Operation Prom Rescue. Melissa started this program because she saw a need and wanted to make a difference. 

What is the need? Dresses! So many girls have been asked to go to prom but unfortunately cannot afford the dress or preporation to actually attend. This is how we can all help, yes, even you men! We need donations from gently used, new, loaner dresses, and even cash if you can ( we can even do the shopping for you!). We need make up artists, hair stylists and muscles to set up our pop up location too. 

Who would have thought that donating formal dresses could make such a difference?! I am here to tell you that it does! This is exactly what I have done, I donated 7 of my own gently used formal dresses. However, after donating them something began stirring in my heart. I wasn’t satisfied with just donating used dresses. I wanted to bless a girl with the excitement of a new dressI set aside a budget and prayed to find that one new dress! There is only one store that I knew I stood a chance in accomplishing this challenge, Nordstrom Rack. Thanks to their red tag items I am elated to tell you that I found eight dresses for under $150! Yes, you read that right! So we are even willing to take cash donations to purchase more new discounted dresses!

Prom is one of the biggest traditions for American high schools and we as a community have the chance to meet a need. Every girl deserves to experience this “cinderella” night. More importantly they need to see what it really means to have a community come together in generosity and kindness. Would you please join us in making these girl’s night?

You can email me for more details using sundaysinstyle@yahoo.com. Thank you in advance!



Sunday Pastels

Sunglasses: Nine West | Blazer: H&M | Dress: Nordstrom Rack | Shoes: Dolce

Sunglasses: Nine West | Blazer: H&M | Dress: Nordstrom Rack | Shoes: Dolce

Welcome to Sunday everyone. Today I wore another complimenting postpartum ensemble. However, this look is definitely not breastfeeding friendly. I had to pick and choose my battles, hiding my shrinking belly won. I’m basically going to be dressing up in anything loose and flowy until I get back to my normal body weight. Can any other mommies attest to the struggle? All I can say is #momlife!

Motherhood is exactly why I started this blog. So many people have asked me in person or by email this last week and that is my answer ( note to self, change bio..). Being a mom is what led me to venture out into the blogging world but having a mom is where I fell in love with fashion. I grew up with a mother who would get dressed up for every occasion and boy did she look beautiful. I loved watching the process of her picking out something to wear, applying make up, fixing her hair, spraying herself with perfume and ultimately finishing the look with a pair of heels. It was the first time I can remember wanting to be beautiful just like her. Since then my mother has instilled in me the true meaning of beauty, thankfully.

My love for photography also came from my mother. I really enjoyed ( and still do ) looking back at photos of her when she was younger. I have so many great moments with my mother discussing why she wore certain clothes and styled her hair the ways she did. It has brought many laughs and tons of lectures too. I resolved very young to take many pictures so that one day my own future daughters could have the same moments with me. It is still surreal that my silly and very girly dream has become a reality.

A reality check is what I experienced most in my first year of motherhood, especially in the fashion aspect. I will never forget those early days of literally living in pajama pants and sport bras. I chose extra sleep over getting ready in any way. Eventually church became my motivation to get ready. Sundays became my days of style but really they became my day of rest.

I needed an outlet and blogging was perfect. I loved that I could encompass so many of my passions and bring them all together in one small spot of the world, Sundays in Style. I never thought my blog would grow as it has, bring forth new friendships, or the collaborations it has. I now believe it can become a platform for other passions of mine and I am truly grateful for this so Thank you to everyone who supports me in this facet of life!

God bless,


Black and Stripes

Sunglasses: Aldo / Jacket: Ross / Top: Target / Jeans: / Boots: Frank Sarto

Sunglasses: Aldo / Jacket: Ross / Top: Target / Maternity Jeans: Target / Boots: Franco Sarto


It’s “hump day”, meaning we are half way through the week folks so hang in there. I’m hanging in there for sure especially with days like today. I met up with some of my friends some who are also mothers and had a brunch play date. It was really nice to simultaneously take breaks from our own children because we were watching each other’s instead. Of course, the womanly adult conversation is always a refreshing blessing!

I love weather like today’s because it is perfect. I like to call it crisp weather. It felt just cool enough to throw on my leather Jacket but warm enough to wear this breezy asymmetrical top underneath. I chose this top because of the stretchy material that made it breastfeeding friendly. Owning a top like this is a must if you breastfeed and like to cover up while doing so. It eliminates your need for a cover. This style of top is also complimenting to that shrinking tummy because its price won’t create any bumps in your finances, check it out!

Have a great rest of the week!


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