Operation Prom

Dresses: Nordstrom Rack

Dresses: Nordstrom Rack

Good afternoon! Today I’ve partnered with my friend Melissa who started the Operation Prom Rescue. Melissa started this program because she saw a need and wanted to make a difference. 

What is the need? Dresses! So many girls have been asked to go to prom but unfortunately cannot afford the dress or preporation to actually attend. This is how we can all help, yes, even you men! We need donations from gently used, new, loaner dresses, and even cash if you can ( we can even do the shopping for you!). We need make up artists, hair stylists and muscles to set up our pop up location too. 

Who would have thought that donating formal dresses could make such a difference?! I am here to tell you that it does! This is exactly what I have done, I donated 7 of my own gently used formal dresses. However, after donating them something began stirring in my heart. I wasn’t satisfied with just donating used dresses. I wanted to bless a girl with the excitement of a new dressI set aside a budget and prayed to find that one new dress! There is only one store that I knew I stood a chance in accomplishing this challenge, Nordstrom Rack. Thanks to their red tag items I am elated to tell you that I found eight dresses for under $150! Yes, you read that right! So we are even willing to take cash donations to purchase more new discounted dresses!

Prom is one of the biggest traditions for American high schools and we as a community have the chance to meet a need. Every girl deserves to experience this “cinderella” night. More importantly they need to see what it really means to have a community come together in generosity and kindness. Would you please join us in making these girl’s night?

You can email me for more details using sundaysinstyle@yahoo.com. Thank you in advance!



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