Wholesome Wednesday: Be Our Guest

White Frames: Walmart | Bed, Duvet, Nightstand, Curtains & Rug: Ikea | Chairs: Amazon | Scalloped Stand: Navy Exchange | Small Frames, Vase & Clock: Home Goods | Anchor Laundry tote: TJ MAXX | Gold Tray & Blue Pillows: Dirt Cheap | Map: Hobby Lobby


In the midst of still adjusting to our life and new routine here in Japan I have finally been graced with a little time to myself. I’m currently in the northern part of Okinawa island sitting in a little cafe. I am sipping on fresh squeezed pineapple juice while overlooking the Pacific Ocean and thinking of home, you my family and friends. Oh I really miss you … (So just as I was about to put a period at the end of this sentence I received a FaceTime call on my lap top! From my youth girls in Texas! Wo, God!)

Then it dawned on me, I haven’t really updated you in a while! Since we’re all missing home and y’all I figured I’d continue where I left off in our home reveal series. Today I’m welcoming you into our guest room. This is the first room we set up because we want to be prepared for visitors as soon as possible. Sadly, this may be the first place we are visited less frequently since it is the furthest we have been stationed. Non the less, we are ready for you!

The nautical theme of this room is inspired from our love of the sea. Jacob and I both were born and raised in California near the ocean. I prefer to just listen to and stare at it while Jacob loves to swim, snorkel, dive and sail it. We have incorporated our love into this space by working with the textures of rope and metal, focused on the primary color blue and use photos I’ve taken over the years of difference ocean settings. Well, I’m actually just getting around to placing photos in all of our empty frames, lol. Dependent on who visits we trade out a few photos of the sea with photos of whoever is visiting. We love being intentional about this as to make it more homelike for the guest.

We also love the nautical theme in our guest room for its neutrality.  I have a wonderful husband who enjoys being apart of the decorating process. So from the beginning of our marriage I have had the joyful the challenge of finding and keeping the balance between the feminine and masculine touch. One of our favorite pieces was the world map. It’s a popular one I believe and so to make it unique to us we are placing gold pins to mark everywhere we have lived. The color and texture of this map really brought out and tied together our connection with sea, travel and our appreciation for even handedness.

Neutral tones are the way to go. Especially, for us military (or anyone else who moves often) families always moving. We are often restricted with finances, size, and finances. So this works great with constant change and white walls. Incorporating clear furniture is another great “trick” to make a small space seem breathable. Overall this room is open, light, airy, relaxing and even a man can appreciate it. In fact, a few neighbor’s husbands have complimented the room. I have to admit when a man appreciates our taste it almost makes me more proud than when a woman admires it! Women just know how to meet you at your level of excitement though.

It sure was exciting when Jacob joined the Navy and has since been moving us around the world trading one ocean for another. It has made this interior design even more fitting.

We hope you soon you will experience our seafaring love of a room,

Until then, God bless you!



Friday Feast: First, Ramen



Thailand has its flag-ship dish Pad Thai, Vietnam has its Pho noodles, Italy has its spaghetti and in Japan, it is Ramen! One of our favorite foods lately is Japanese Ramen. This is a far cry from the Cup O’ Noodles that you and I grew up with! The noodles are thick and plentiful, the broth thicker and soupier than Pho. They usually come with a slice of delicious pork belly that melts in your mouth and a boiled egg. Of course you know Danica won’t eat the meat… so I get double portion, more protein for me!

Ordering the food is a process in of its own out here in Okinawa. You first need to order from an automated vending machine that is only in Japanese. Our first time was rough but thankfully the waitress spoke some English and was able to explain enough for us to figure it out. You punch in the main items and add-on items and the machine ejects out these tiny little tickets accordingly. They remind me of movie tickets. As you can see, Camrielle has assumed the duty of punching these buttons for us! Then Lyianna hands over the tickets to our Japanese waitress, and in broken Japanese we pay with Yen.

I enjoy the new ambience and one of the best things is watching my family enjoy food from another land. I can’t say that I enjoyed it as thoroughly the first time. Let me explain.

If you’ve ever eaten with me before, you may recall that I have a penchant for the burn of the spicy. From Siracha to Tapatio, bring it on! So when the waitress asked me how spicy I wanted my Ramen, from a scale of 1 to 50, I chose 25. I thought that it was relative to a scale of 1 to 10, and that in Japan somehow their scale goes up to 50. I was wrong! As I wolfed in my “Exploding Volcano” spicy level 25 Ramen, I thought it odd that Chefs kept peering out to look at me.  It wasn’t so bad … it was only half way max spicy level…or so I thought. As I began to feel an unusual subtle tingling emerge from the base of my tongue to the top of my scalp, my family was giggling at me and having a grand old-time. I can only handle the burn of a level 2 spicy and I may just stick to no spice for a while because wow the burn!

Thank you for joining us on our journey and checking out our gastric delights. I can’t wait to share with you guys next week another Japanese favorite out here!

Until next week, this is your friendly neighborhood, guest writin’ Ramen eating’ Jake signing out.

Sunday Sojourn



Photos are from the end of May. It took the moving companies three days to pack it all up!

Hello and happy Sunday! Are you surprised to find me writing? If so, I understand. I disappeared on y’all, again. This time I was gone for four months due to being wonderfully distracted by family. By wonderfully I do mean wonderful but also full of wonder. For that reason I am unapologetic ( that is for you Teri and Katrina!) Ready to hear about those new and exciting distractions that kept me absent from here? Any guesses before I start? No, ok read on.

It started with our oldest finishing Kindergarten. That last month of May in school got so busy for us. It definitely didn’t help being room mom, cookie mom (for her Girl Scout troop), finishing up gymnastics, piano and singing lessons. I also simultaneously was spending more than usual time with my youth because their year was also ending. However, the timing was perfect because as school for all my kids was ending so were deadlines with collaboration partners. With school and blogging on break I decided to take one too. I chose to rest from everything that I could.

Proudly and gratefully there is only one part of our life that we don’t really get a break from, the military. In case any of you readers forgot, I am a military wife. A Navy wife to be precise. The time for Navy to move us quickly approached and our three years in Texas was at an end. Thus, it created the real reason I chose to fully engage in nothing else other than spending quality time with my family and friends.

You are now officially caught up on why it was so quiet around here. We just arrived to our final destination yesterday. So, you really do get to be part of this new journey with us and from the start!

We have sojourned to the hottest and furthest temporary home yet. Are you the one wondering now? Any guesses where on earth we moved to? Comment your guess below. If you guess right, first, we have a little surprise to send you!

Stay tuned and you will see!



The Guenther House



Hat: Tuesday Morning | Earrings, Dress & Purse: Apricot Lane Boutique Fort Worth | Wedges: Tory Burch


I can’t believe it has already been a week since my husband and I enjoyed a brunch date here at The Guenther House. The Guenther House is a family home turned museum and restaurant in the 1980s. It sits right along the San Antonio river making the ambiance relaxing and aesthetically pleasing.

A friend of ours had been telling us about this spot weeks before our trip and then again by our friends who joined us on the trip! So, we definitely felt compelled to go. We are so glad we did because we had a wonderful morning date in an unexpected romantic setting. We had fun reading about the history and touring the museum while waiting to be seated on the patio. Our time together here was even more enjoyable thanks to beautiful weather. This was not only our favorite part of this year’s trip to San Antonio but the perfect way to end it.

You can read more about why this place is such a gem here. In the mean time take my word (and hundreds of thousands of other people’s) that The Guenther House’s waffles are the best! I got mine with freshly cut strawberries, mmm.

Oh and this is the same dress I wore today to church.



Thursday Travels : Spring at the Silos


Thank you for reading stopping by our little space and reading. Today I am implementing an earlier vision for my blog and it will be one of my favorites. I really hope it will be the girl’s favorite too.

Welcome, I will be documenting our travels for the girls on random Thursdays. I’m constantly trying to counter my “thyroid” and “mom” brain with catchy phrases to help me remember stuff so this is how “Thursday Travels” was coined. Initially I was regretting not updating our travels consistently and in the moment but now I am kinda proud. The reason I didn’t keep up with my blogging our trips, in the moment, was simply because I made the intentional effort to be in the moment with my family. In our techno generation this can be quiet the challenge! However, I have no regrets.  I am finally in a season where I can be more consistent with updating everyone about our travels! Plus I found a way to simultaneously play catch up, I will be doing fun “Throw Back Thursdays ” of our yesterdays. Expect unexpected updates of local and world travels with our little family.

To start, I am sharing photos from our recent trip to the famous Magnolia Silos in Waco, Texas. We didn’t go on any ordinary day either, we chose one of the busiest times to go. We ( Chelsy and I ) decide to brave the thousands plus crowd during their Spring Silobration. We enjoyed the road trip, shopping small businesses, picnic on the green, playing and the cupcakes! Ok so I have to share that the line for cupcakes was about an hour wait ( yes, they’re that good!) so although I’m down to take my kids everywhere I’m not really willing to wait in hour lines with them but I thought quickly. I found a mother who looked sweet and offered to pay for her cupcakes if she would add our choices to her order and she obliged! See, us moms have to stick together!

My friend Chelsy is one of my best friends. She is one of those that I’m going to be sticking with for the rest of my life. She is never afraid to get out and live life with me and our kids! I love this about her and myself. Mother hood is hard enough so why not tackle it together without sacrificing adventure and spontenaity?! Plus, the memories for our girls is priceless ..



Mini Me Monday : Bowling

Hat: World Market / Sweater: Sugar Love Boutique / Jeans: Calvin Klein / Heels: Jessica Simpson


This past weekend was the grand opening of Pinstripes in Fort Worth and we were blessed with a generous night to enjoy their bowling and dinning venue. I am so excited for the opportunity to encourage you to go out and experience a new and sophisticated way to be entertained for yourself. Pinstripes really brought to life their vision and passion of gathering while uniquely enjoying one of America’s best leisure sports.

The best part is you can do this with your kids! Let me tell you friends, we brought a couple of two-year olds and a six-year-old. It was obviously a comical challenge teaching the two-year olds bowling and so there were a couple dropped balls and drinks spilled but they graciously and professionally love us through it. I will always remember our server Mancy. She didn’t allow us to keep apologizing but rather kept redirecting our focus to having fun. She exemplified superb customer service which I have to assume is the representation for their whole staff. So I would be bold and request her as a server when you go out on the lanes.

After a couple of hours of bowling we took a tour of the facilities and then relaxed by the fire pits while waiting to be seated for dinner. By relaxing I do mean my friend Chelsy and I did diaper changes while my husband actually sat and warmed himself by the fire pits with Lyianna, lol. We did get a couple of minutes to relax before we were seated so it’s technically a win, right?

My favorite part of the experience was the food. There is something so comforting in sharing a meal with your people and so this was the needed winding down of our evening. We had an amazing waiter named Curt! I expanded my palate by trying an off the menu entrée. It was an ahi tuna ceviche like dish. It was actually suggested to me by the CEO and I am glad I listened. It was delicious and I really hope they officially add it to their menu. My husband enjoyed his filet mignon and the kids pizza, lol. They have a pretty decent range of foods on the menu so you have choices.

I can’t tell y’all enough about how glad I am that we chose to experience this new joint and again with our children. We were super impressed with how family oriented Pinstripes was. From the toddler sized bowling shoes to the children’s menu to the booths you can trap your kids in, Pinstripes really made you feel at peace about having your kids for a night out. Oh, and did you notice how adorable there bowling balls are?! It’s safe to say we will probably be regulars here …

So why are you still reading this?! Go make a reservation!



Mini Me Monday : Easter 2018


Just six years ago we celebrated the new life of our three-day old baby girl, on Easter. It was a day full of love, joy and life. I will never forget that Sunday. It was the first Easter my understanding in the power of the cross was deepened. First, as a woman who finally gave birth I had an immediate sense of empowerment physically. Then, in the same moment as a daughter of Christ I was overwhelmed with the power of conquering spiritually. I had enduringly overcame the loss of pregnancies with life in my daughter and most importantly the battle of faith with life in Jesus. Jesus conquered death and then promised eternal life. He not only conquered death on the cross but death for each and every one of us who believes. “For God so loved the world that He sent His one and only Son that who ever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. ”

Six years later, on Easter ( of all days! ) and wearing all white we are still celebrating that same precious baby girl. This Sunday we celebrated Lyianna’s declaration to the world that she too believes in this promise by getting baptized. I even had the honor and privilege of baptizing her alongside her Sunday school teacher Madison.

With family watching online to friends that were present and the rest of the day at the beloved Hillman lake house this day was an answered prayer. How can I ever forget this Easter too?

He is Risen,








Since before you were born you were teaching me how to have faith. The day you were born I became a believer of unbroken promises and in the power of prayer. More than intelligence, knowledge, understanding, health, beauty, joy and love I have been praying for you to believe and accept Jesus. Your boldness and fearlessness in sharing that decision with the world is an inspiration! Baptizing you was an unexpected joy to my answered prayers. I am excited to see how you change the world!



Mini Me Monday : Texas Tulips

Mommy’s Look (from head to toe) : Nordstrom Rack | Girl’s Overalls (and tops) : Baby Gap | Lyianna’s Booties: Target | Camrielle’s Boots: Baby Gap


Mini Me Monday is my favorite part of this blog. I’m curious, is it your favorite part too? I fully enjoy documenting my fashion for the girls to relish in later and our matching outfits bring me the most joy. The clothes in themselves are fun but it’s our adventures that make it memorable.

This past Sunday was a memory ball worth keeping kinda of day (that’s a little Disney there for you, wink). It began with making it to church on time! Seriously, you know it’s going to be a good day when you can make it to church in time for worship, right?Church was followed by a delicious Tex Mex lunch. May I just take another quick moment to share that Tex-Mex food somehow has wiggled its way into my heart? I know, I can’t believe it either. Some body smack me, please! Anyways, back to lunch. Over lunch Jacob and I decided to spend the day “off the grid”. So we went home changed, turned off our phones, got in the car and drove an hour and fifteen minutes north of Fort Worth, Texas. Yes, we drove to in the middle of nowhere y’all. However, in the middle of this cow manured corner of Texas is a hidden gem, Texas Tulips.

Texas Tulips is one of those companies whose story is just so inspiring. You can read their story here. They’re story and hearts are the best reasons to support local and small companies. It makes it even sweeter that they support our military community by offering a military discount on the weekdays. Check it out here.

I dressed us up in what I call our flower picking outfits. I’ve secretly been dying to wear a pair of jean overalls while in Texas and this posed as the perfect opportunity. I am not going to lie, I totally felt more Texan! I debated on having us wear our rain boots since it had been raining the previous days but of course I made an error in judgment and decided on our version of country boots. This was a mistake because I didn’t anticipate the mud. I didn’t let that ruin our time though. Texas Tulips thought through all of that for us by providing little booties to cover your shoes when walking around in all the dirt and mud. They also provided planks of wood to walk over in deeper mud areas. So I’m glad that we not only looked the part but our outfits actually turned out to be functional.

Little Camrielle sure grew in her curiosity for mud. By the end of our time there she was scooping it up and then throwing it back down. She did also like wiping it off on everyone’s jeans but her own, lol. And Lyianna well she would have picked every tulip if we let her! She really enjoyed the picking process.

Taking in the views of these simplistic but beautiful flowers was so refreshing. Texas Tulips provided moments of grounding and contentment that made being so far away from family ok. We also found picking them was a needed and therapeutic way to end our long week. By the way when I write we I do mean my husband also took part in this!

If you need to explore unknown parts of Texas or just get a little break away I encourage you to venture out for a serene experience!




Lyianna and Camrielle,

Sunday was so fun and special for daddy and me. We love oppurutnies to show you something new and watch you enjoy it. Flower picking and planting are some of the best memories for me with grandma. I hope you always remember this day, this tulip farm, the fun adventure of trying to not sink in mud! I pray it brings you a smile and/or giggle.



Sunday Tulle

Necklace: Bauble Bar | Top: Nordstrom Rack | Skirt: Windsor | Heels: Sara Jessica Parker | Purse: Michael Khors


Happy Sunday! I know I have been MIA for a bit (a long bit) and I can explain! First let me say thank you. Thank you to all who love and support me with constant encouragement of getting back on here. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I appreciate you.

Right before the holidays I took a trip to Georgia with my family who I don’t get to see often. We celebrated one of my little cousin’s Army boot camp graduation. It was a time full of pride, tears, hope and love. Being a military family I value time with loved ones much more than I did before. So this short and quick week together was really meaningful. I chose to put my phone away and focus on being in their presence. Well one week turned into the next once I got back home. Decidedly, I took a break from social media life.

Looking back now I realize how crucial that break was because life got so busy with expected and unexpected experiences. Some of those experiences I will be sharing soon.

Until then I’m continuing with bringing you Sundays in Style and I’m starting with this tulle skirt ensemble. Just something about wearing tulle that makes me feel even more like the princess that I am. Especially on a Sunday when I’m going before the king with heart and worship!




Ah ha ha ha, Darling!

Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs | Fur Vest: Uptown Cheapskate Consignment | Top: Victoria Beckham | Skirt: Victoria Beckham | Heels: Jessica Simpson

There isn’t a cruel bone in my body so I’m all smiles in this costume. Failed at being in character but this was my favorite one! Lyianna matched me with a Dalmatian get up. If you can believe this, we didn’t take one photo together! I don’t know how it happened but we will do that photo shoot this week for memory’s sake. Hope y’all had a safe and fun night. 

Last night we enjoyed our last night in California. Sad to come back to Texas but we had a fun and unique trick-or-treating experience. We collected candy in the airports and on the planes. I really appreciate Southwest’s enthusiasm in dressing up. They were amazing! Flying on holidays can have so many benefits.

In a few hours I’m boarding another plane and heading to Georgia to be with family for a special occasion. I haven’t really caught my breath yet as I’m rushing around town to get as much done as possible. So tired is an understatement but family is family, right?!

So I had a few people ask for some non-costume Disneyland looks while at Disneyland. I am happy to say I actually did this! I will share the shots with you soon because I’m already working on that blog post!  

Happy November,


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