Sunday Pastels

Sunglasses: Nine West | Blazer: H&M | Dress: Nordstrom Rack | Shoes: Dolce

Sunglasses: Nine West | Blazer: H&M | Dress: Nordstrom Rack | Shoes: Dolce

Welcome to Sunday everyone. Today I wore another complimenting postpartum ensemble. However, this look is definitely not breastfeeding friendly. I had to pick and choose my battles, hiding my shrinking belly won. I’m basically going to be dressing up in anything loose and flowy until I get back to my normal body weight. Can any other mommies attest to the struggle? All I can say is #momlife!

Motherhood is exactly why I started this blog. So many people have asked me in person or by email this last week and that is my answer ( note to self, change bio..). Being a mom is what led me to venture out into the blogging world but having a mom is where I fell in love with fashion. I grew up with a mother who would get dressed up for every occasion and boy did she look beautiful. I loved watching the process of her picking out something to wear, applying make up, fixing her hair, spraying herself with perfume and ultimately finishing the look with a pair of heels. It was the first time I can remember wanting to be beautiful just like her. Since then my mother has instilled in me the true meaning of beauty, thankfully.

My love for photography also came from my mother. I really enjoyed ( and still do ) looking back at photos of her when she was younger. I have so many great moments with my mother discussing why she wore certain clothes and styled her hair the ways she did. It has brought many laughs and tons of lectures too. I resolved very young to take many pictures so that one day my own future daughters could have the same moments with me. It is still surreal that my silly and very girly dream has become a reality.

A reality check is what I experienced most in my first year of motherhood, especially in the fashion aspect. I will never forget those early days of literally living in pajama pants and sport bras. I chose extra sleep over getting ready in any way. Eventually church became my motivation to get ready. Sundays became my days of style but really they became my day of rest.

I needed an outlet and blogging was perfect. I loved that I could encompass so many of my passions and bring them all together in one small spot of the world, Sundays in Style. I never thought my blog would grow as it has, bring forth new friendships, or the collaborations it has. I now believe it can become a platform for other passions of mine and I am truly grateful for this so Thank you to everyone who supports me in this facet of life!

God bless,


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