The Alamo in Black


Good evening everyone. I pray that your day was better than ours. Our youngest came down ill and so we have been resting all today. Today is when we had originally planned to visit The Alamo but had to decided to do so last-minute yesterday. In making that decision I had to get dressed quickly.

It is always quick to throw on a maxi so I chose this basic look. I dressed it up a tad with these beaded sandals which made me feel a little more put together for the amount of time I had. I was also quite comfortable walking around while learning a little a more about Texan and Mexican history.

It was very surreal to stand somewhere I have only read and learned about in books. It was even more exciting that we were also educated on the fashion of the men during the battle at The Alamo. If possible and you haven’t already you need to visit!

Is there anything else anyone can suggest for my little family to do or see while we have a few days left?!

Good night,



Basketball Fashion

Hat: Aldo |Fan T-shirt: Walmart | Jean: Ross | Heels; Nordstrom Rack

Hat: Aldo |Fan T-shirt: Walmart | Jeans: Ross | Heels; Nordstrom Rack


Many of you have probably already seen via my Instagram feed that I was blessed to go to an NBA playoff game. Vacationing here in San Antonio I was able to cross off another basketball game bucketlist by cheering on the Spurs. Having also been a cheerleader back in my youth there was no thinking twice about having fashionable team spirit. It made for a night of comfort and fun! Anyone else enjoying the playoffs? I want to see so tag me for fun @sundayinstyle! Thanks for reading and enjoy your week!


DIY Desk

Frames: Walmart | Quotes, Quote Dish, Black&Gold Frames: Marshalls |Desk, Clock, Longhorn: Target | Nordstrom Rack

I took an awkward spot and transformed it into an open and refreshing space. When we first moved into this home I fell in love with this space because it was right off of the play room. I envisioned myself at a desk doing my work while simultaneously watching our children play. I kept it simple and classic making it timeless. It was also a budget friendly project by purchasing everything from the above stores. Now I am just waiting on the chair’s arrival to say it’s finished! Happy Monday ya’ll!  

A Thursday Walk


Headband: Marshalls | Tank & Leggings: Target | Shoes: Puma via Nordstrom Rack | Baby carrier: Ergobaby

Headband: Marshalls | Tank & Leggings: Target | Shoes: Puma via Nordstrom Rack | Baby carrier: Ergobaby


Good afternoon! I was asked how I lost weight so fast, other than breastfeeding, so here is a post on my answer. First, I lost my “I can eat whatever I want” pregnancy card and went back to my heathy diet, immediately. I can get into that more detailed in another post if you would like. Second, exercise. I began these exercising regiments seven weeks after I delivered my baby so I advise to wait until your doctor has cleared you. I do a Pilates class one morning (this helps build my core and flexibility back up) and personal training in boxing one evening each week ( this is my cardio since I can’t run yet). I then walk almost every day for at least thirty minutes with stretching before and after. I prefer to walk on the track near my house because it is better on my joints, especially with the fluctuating weight.  Lastly, I drink a ton of water, water is key ladies.

When it comes to working out I keep it simple with wardrobe. After all you are going to end up sweating and looking a hot mess! A tank and leggings plus comfy sneakers are my “go to”.

Enjoy getting back to fit,





A Grey day

Sunglasses: Jessica Simpsom via Marshalls | Dress: Target | Boots: Ross

Sunglasses: Jessica Simpson via Marshalls | Dress: Target | Boots: Ross


This was Sunday’s look. I was happy to be cozy but also semi dressed up. I am slowly fitting into more and more of my clothes which always makes for a good day. My days have been better since getting ahead of a recent cold but they have been lacking in blogging. I thank you for the get well emails and concerns, ya’ll are the sweetest. I hope your day only gets sweeter!

Thanks for reading,


Black and Stripes

Sunglasses: Aldo / Jacket: Ross / Top: Target / Jeans: / Boots: Frank Sarto

Sunglasses: Aldo / Jacket: Ross / Top: Target / Maternity Jeans: Target / Boots: Franco Sarto


It’s “hump day”, meaning we are half way through the week folks so hang in there. I’m hanging in there for sure especially with days like today. I met up with some of my friends some who are also mothers and had a brunch play date. It was really nice to simultaneously take breaks from our own children because we were watching each other’s instead. Of course, the womanly adult conversation is always a refreshing blessing!

I love weather like today’s because it is perfect. I like to call it crisp weather. It felt just cool enough to throw on my leather Jacket but warm enough to wear this breezy asymmetrical top underneath. I chose this top because of the stretchy material that made it breastfeeding friendly. Owning a top like this is a must if you breastfeed and like to cover up while doing so. It eliminates your need for a cover. This style of top is also complimenting to that shrinking tummy because its price won’t create any bumps in your finances, check it out!

Have a great rest of the week!


Sunday in Black


Hat: World Market / Sleeveless Tunic & Belt: Nordstrom Rack / Top & Leggings: Target / Boots: Nine West

Hat: World Market / Sleeveless Tunic & Belt: Nordstrom Rack / Top & Leggings: Target / Boots: Nine West


Happy Sunday! I originally had planned to wear a dress but it is too cold. I improvised and decided on this all black layered look. Despite the sleeveless part of the tunic it keeps me quite warm because it is made of wool. I am at the point where I can not close any coats or vests due to baby bump so I added a skinny belt. It worked perfectly. I added texture by choosing these leather over the knee boots opposed to my usual Hunters. I definitely feel chic and church ready.

I am so excited for church today for a few reasons.  The first being it is our last Sunday as a family of three , in just two days we will be a family of four!  Next, a new sermon series called relationship goals begins today and you can check out the trailer here. It is going to be an even more enjoyable service because we will be with friends we invited. They are coming for the first time and that is very exciting!

Hope you all end your weekend well,


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