Wholesome Wednesday: Living Room Reveal & Transformation



Y’all, we couldn’t help ourselves! Christmas decorations are up and making our spirits even brighter. I realized that we transformed our living room before we even revealed the original space.  Are you thankful or what?! I just happend to photographically document just about  everything. This was one of the requests we received from a few of our readers! If we could post more photos. Of course, and here they are!

Of course, the year that Jake and I decide to get a real tree for Christmas becomes the year that we don’t have a tree at all. We gave away our fake tree before moving here and we don’t want to buy another one at the crazy prices here. Yes, we could order online but that just doesn’t feel the same so we decided to forgo the christmas tree while stationed here. I know it’s so sad and if I was with you I would be handing you some kleenex. I also was in tears with our daughter Lyianna when neighbors broke the news. Japan doesn’t have Christmas trees nor is America able to ship real ones over here for our military communities. They used to from what I heard but due to pests live trees are no longer allowed through customs.

Let your tears be turned to laughter and joy with this new custom of a stocking Christmas tree! Jake and I did a quick one hour make over of our home during the girls nap time last weekend. We decided to get creative and utilize what decor we did bring. We are only here in Japan temporarily so this seemed perfect and we officially have a tree! The girls apparently didn’t actually sleep so instead of going upstairs to enforce the nap we brought them downstairs to surprise them.

Can can you all just imagine how surprised a two and six-year-old were when we told them this was our tree?




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