Wholesome Wednesday: Learning Studio




Chalkboard: Hobby Lobby | Metal Baskets: Hobby Lobby | Rug: Hobby Lobby | Metal Shelves: Ikea | Table & Stools: Ikea | Paper Stool: Ikea | Black Baskets: Exchange 

Hello y’all. I posted a photo on Facebook with the girls playing school in their learning “studio” and received a few messages requesting to see the room. Of course, people asked where I got some of the stuff and if I had pictures of the process. Yes, I do! I also added the info to where we got our pieces from in the last photo caption for you. You’re so very welcome!

This little space was a necessity for Jacob and I. We actually did not have this in our previous home and it is all brand new. We took about a year deciding what we do with a space for the girls. We didn’t want another play space. We have nothing against a playroom or play area. We had one for years. In the last move however our girls lost an interest for toys. They began taking interest in other things to occupy time with. So we began the slow pre-move purge. We gave away all of their toys away except their American Girls stuff. You could say the American Girl stage began for us. It really instilled a different kind of play and learning.

Lyianna began only wanting to play with these dolls and read the books. During this time she really started concentrating on reading more than anything else. In reading so much she began to accelerate her love of learning. She began playing school all of the time and asked for a classroom in the next home. We also had a good friends, the Pelayos, who had a homeschool room that she loved and asked to use as inspiration. We started with the table as a focal point. She needed to be able to do homework, art and play with her dolls. We did an Ikea haul before leaving Texas and during that shopping spree Jacob chose this table. He loved that it came with stools opposed to chairs and that they were adjustable. It is perfect for the girls as they grow over the years. So this room is inspired from her love of art, learning and the Pelayos family.

I can’t tell you enough how much these girls love this room. They color in their coloring books, do homework, we practice spelling tests, play school, Jacob leaves daily notes to Lyianna and the latest is Origami creations on this table. As you can see from the photos it is also a space that can easily be altered with subtle decor changes. I love that I can bring it to life with each season. The rug is my favorite part of it. It’s a bible verse!

Do you have a space you love watching your kids be kids in? Share with me!



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