Mini Me Monday: Purple Plaid & Waffles


Dresses: Nordstrom Rack


Good morning from Japan! Good evening and afternoon too.  I see that we have readers in different times zones all over the world! Thank you so much for reading and following us!  Last Monday’s momentum was a little quicker than today’s. I stayed up late going to church back home. This was online of course. So I’m a little tired and slow today. I had to force myself out of the house because I promised to answer some of y’alls questions.

I received so many questions about the previous waffle post and thought I would take the time to answer those who asked. I’m actually writing to you all from the little Japanese waffle shop we blogged about last month. Unfortunately, I am not enjoying their delicious waffles this morning because I opted for their delicious Spinach Egg Benedict instead. I thought about giving into the delicious temptation though!

First, I was asked if I should be eating the waffles. When I read this I had so much love because y”all are keeping me accountable to my autoimmune protocol diet. Thank you! However, I totally should not have eaten them. I did get a tiny bit sick and I definitely learned my lesson. I do not regret the experience though. I was also asked if this is why I didn’t write about the waffles. I laughed so hard. No, the answer is no. I left the post blank because in the moment I felt the pictures spoke for themselves, lol. Apparently not! Just so you know I did go back and write about the experience a few days later. You can read the updated post here.

Second, I was asked if I had any Instagram videos of my experience. I think I do I basically do take photos and videos for our girls to watch later in life. I just don’t post immediately or even same day as to not be on my phone as much. I am very intentional about being in the moment with my family when we are together. I will look for the videos and more pics to post on Insta stories!

Third, I was asked if I had taken photos of us together in our matching outfits. Come on, you know I did! Can you see how much the girls are growing in their confidence? They do all their own poses without instruction. I was also asked where I got the girls dresses. I captioned that in the last photo above. I actually do this 99% of the time with clothes! Sometimes I do provide the link to shop directly for that item!

I actually love getting questions because it makes this so much more fun! Please keep them coming! Y’all have actually asked so many about this and other posts that you have inspired a Q&A post, would you like that?



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