Tuesday Thoughts: Trick or Treat



Ding dong! Someone answers their door and you scream, “Trick or treat!” It was exciting as a kid! Wasn’t it? It’s even more exciting to watch your own children do it. I have to admit celebrating Halloween this way was actually pretty fun as a child. I don’t remember enjoying dressing up as much as I did collecting can. My sister and I worked so hard to collect as much candy as possible. Today, in adult and parenthood the joys have reversed. I love dressing up more than collecting the candy. In fact, I try to avoid candy as much as possible. So, is it possible to remove the absurd amount of candy without taking away our children’s joy??

Yes, it is possible and quite easy. Don’t take them trick or treating! Just boycott Halloween.  I am just kidding y’all! Take a deep breath, I’m not that parent, I promise. Instead my view is quite the opposite. We’re allowing the girls to collect as much candy as they want or can during the different events we attend in October. This will include tonight’s trick or treating. We will trick or treat first then tend to the doorbell. Once they choose a few pieces to keep for themselves to enjoy they will dump the rest into our “Halloween” bucket. Yes, you are reading this correctly! We are recycling our collected candy for the trick or treaters on Halloween! Don’t worry because we made it a teachable but fun tradition for the girls. And it saved us a little bit of money! You can see we have already got started in the photos …

How do you like that for control management?!



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