Momentum Mondays: MariCar



Oh Mondays. Mondays can have such negative stigma can’t they? Not mine, not anymore! I have decided that Mondays will be my day. In going from zero to sixty since our arrival here in Japan we have finally and intentionally slowed down our pace. I personally needed to begin taking back a little time for myself, for my well-being and rejuvenation. It’s a little reminiscent as to why I began this blog in the first place and it has the name it does. I took back one day a week where I traded my humidified messy bun with baby blow out stained clothes for curls, a dress and makeup. Oh how Sundays have become one my favorite days and now I’m looking forward to Mondays too.

Mondays for me have typically been a day that lacked momentum. It comes right after a weekend in which we spend time together as a family. Sometimes that time is spent being lazy at home and other times it’s being out and about in the world. Non the less by Monday I’m drained, lol. I go hard all week and weekend being there for my husband, my girls. You moms know! By the time we have time for ourselves (which is usually at the end of a week or day) we are too exhausted to do anything! Yeah girl, I heard that amen! Our role as mothers are so hard yet so much more rewarding. As much of a reward it is to no longer have an audience every time I go to the restroom I want an even more triumphant reward, time. I have found no better reward than to give myself a little more momentum by carving out a little time at the beginning of the week for myself. Mondays for me, myself, and I. This Monday I actually made a little time for me myself and Mario! ‘

I signed up for this regiment spouses social event months ago. I figured it was a good start in getting to know the work family and in the meantime do something new. You think in that time I would have researched exactly what this was going to entale but I didn’t. Instead I waited until last night to only research what I should wear. No judgments please as I legitimately wanted to know if I needed to wear closed toe shoes, which I did! I assumed like many of you reading the title that this would just be an ordinary go-cart race track in which we raced each other around on. I definitely assumed the uniqueness was just dressing up as Mario Cart characters.

Oh no, it was so much more!!! Once I started receiving notifications from the other women about needing my license and passport I started getting nervous! Then on the carpool ride I found out we were driving around in these go carts ( dressed up as Mario Cart characters) in the streets! Yes, you read that right! We drove around in the streets of the island’s biggest city! This is not something that would ever fly in America and so I am super grateful for the opportunity to have experience this and with the women I did! They were so full of life and joy bringing making me feel right at home. For one whole hour I even felt like a teenager again! I may have even been a little more of a rebellious teenager in the last ten minutes with breaking a coupe rules by videoing some moments and then finally zooming past everyone so I could finish in “first” because to my surprise it was not a race at all. It was simply speeding around town in a hilarious costume and laughing the whole time.

I hope you are encouraged to get out there, take back a little time for yourself and do something new.

Enjoy the photos and if you are curious about those rebel videos I took then check out my Instagram stories!



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  1. How my gosh that look like so much fun, so glad you are doing things for your self and that you are doing well. To bad I don’t have Instagram so I can see the videos, the fotos are perfect.

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