Friday Feast: Japanese Waffles





Lyianna had been requesting pancakes so we went on adventure trying to find pancakes. We had no luck but when we stopped to ask a local they referred us here for waffles. Japanese waffles. These waffles are a completely different take on the American version. Which is ironic because the R cafe sits in American Village of Okinawa. I can explain American Village in another post.

Although I was satisfied with our find Lyianna was bummed. Her disappointment however was short-lived once she realized they came topped with ice cream. I would never have thought to add ice-cream with waffles or pancakes for that matter. Yet, this is how they do it here in Japan. The Japanese know what they’re doing because they totally have elevated the waffle with fruit to a more adventurous experience. Can you even imagine the mixture of texture and temperatures in your mouth?! It is shockingly fun and delicious. And as you see in the photos the view was the whip cream on top!

This sweet and cooling spot is ocean side making this a definite spot to be a frequented by our family.



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