Transformation Tuesday: Dining



Is anybody else grateful for Monday transforming into Tuesday? I woke up this morning feeling very thankful. I am especially happy that I am waking up to a house that does not speak of how little time we have been living here. I love transforming a once empty space into a “home” and it really doesn’t have to take much.

The kitchen and dining room are two areas of a home that do not require a lot of decor or furniture. I like to keep it simple by using natural tones with the wood and use minimal pieces of furniture to keep it spacious. Then for a simplistic touch I add curtains. If you noticed I gave the room an elegant design by adding mixed textures with the two different white curtains. I also kept the walls white to save money and work. I know some people are probably getting anxiety with the fact that the walls and curtains are white. It is ok, take a deep breath, because I did too. I’m here for you! However, I have learned that using white really accentuates the ambiance of natural light. Overall I would say the space is breathable, simple and “zen”. Isn’t it ironic how I’m using the word zen to describe my dining room here in Japan and this is where that specific form of Buddhism was developed?

They say the magic is all made in the kitchen but I disagree. I believe the magic is in the conversation had over that prepared meal. We finally enjoyed our first home cooked meal this week and with our sweet friends from the plane ride over. I’m sure they can attest to the conversation being way better than my cooking too! Joanna Gaines has my  back though! See, God is good.



Thanks to the readers who emailed requesting before pictures! I didn’t think to include those and I’m glad you asked. It is way more fun to see the documented process! Are there any other spaces you would like to see transformed?



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