Sundays in Style: Storms



For church today, the girls and I wore these same dresses. I had picked them out months prior. I’m sure many of you can relate to this methodical planning for a family photo shoot and the sentimental value of these photos.  There is a particular joy in coordinating  the wardrobes for these occasions, right?

It has been eight weeks since we had this photo shoot. Yet, it feels as though it was yesterday that we were there on the shores of North Carolina. Ironically, we finished the shots right before a storm began to roll in. We made it back to the car and jumped inside as the first drops of rain fell.

In wearing this dress today, I reminisced of our little family’s seven weeks spent out there in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. It was more than enough time to fall in love with it too!  It had turned out be the best summer of my life. The most poignant reason being that it was a time of absolute peace. A peace before the impending storm being moved across the world and its ensuing whirlwind and destruction. I am forever grateful that we had that time of rest and had it together.

In wearing this dress today, I was reminded of those sweet days and more importantly the very unfortunate hurricane people have been experiencing there in the Carolinas. The Philippines too. My heart has been burdensome especially with North Carolina. I haven’t been the only one either. With a huge military community being there at Camp Lejeune, it affects the hearts of our military community here. Our whole church prayed in the middle of service because although we may feel helpless we know we can call on the one who can help and intercede for those there.

There will always be one who we can truly take refuge in no matter the storm and that is Jesus! I pray for refuge tonight.




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