Wholesome Wednesday: Welcome I

Summer Sign: Hobby Lobby | Dark Frames &White Pillow: TJ MAXX | Letter Board: Tuesday Morning | Mirror: Exchange | Bench: Ikea | White Frame& Burlap Pillow: Gifted


Welcome to our humble abode! God, I am so grateful that I get to say that! I have a home again! A home in a completely different country! I literally have tears of joy. I just have to say thank you so much to everyone who has prayed with us for the last year and especially in the last few months. This has been our biggest, longest and furthest move yet and we are so thankful to finally be “home“. And thank you for your patience as we settled in. I know it’s been hard on our family and some friends who want to know what everything looks like and if our belongings came intact. I’m also hoping this will serve as some encouragement to you fellow military wives who may be in or about to be in the same season of homemaking.

For those of you who do not know or have never been in military housing, it can be daunting. They are typically older homes, outdated in just about every way you can think of and not usually aesthetically pleasing. Yet, this is one of the benefits in moving so often. We become interior designers, DIYers and even “property flippers”. Now, although many good people invest into military homes by renovating whatever they are permitted to Jacob and I have decided against this. We find it time-consuming just to set up what we already have and do not find it worth investing into a home that is not truly ours. But we do love to make it feel like ours. Ready to see how we turned this blank space into more of a cozy and welcoming home?

Today I will start with the entry way. After a long day we find comfort in walking into a peaceful ambiance. From the medium dark wood in the bench to the neutral tones of the frames that contrast the white walls you can’t help but feel warmth at the entrance of our home. One of the most special adornments here is the burlap pillow my mother gifted me about nine years ago. It is significant because she is from Costa Rica (as you can read on the pillow. She wanted it to remind me of where she came from and her dreams for her daughters futures. It is a great reminder to be grateful for all that God has blessed our family with and the sweet stories my mother has told me of her childhood growing up on coffee plantations in Costa Rica. I can’t wait to see how living here in Japan and in this specific home brings our daughters memories of their childhood.

Now the signage is my favorite. I’ve slowly collected the different pieces over the years. Where I hang them always changes with each new living space but the entry way was the originating spot when I first started collecting them. Also, to be completely transparent our frames usually don’t even make it on the walls because by the time I decide to do it we get orders to our next duty station. I’m happy to report that since we got this new home together in one week we actually hung frames! Now we just need to place our photos in them! One task and victory at a time, right?




p.s. we’re still working on covering the electrical breaker box ..


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