Twinning Tuesday: Twin Towers

Let these photos of red white and blue be a reminder to you …


It is September eleventh seventeen years later. I am sure all Americans remember, honor, respect and memorialize this day each year. I know I do. It is typically a day when I am a little more quiet and reserved. Maybe you are too. Today however I celebrated. Does anyone else celebrate? How can anyone possibly celebrate what today symbolizes? You are probably flabbergasted, confused, or even offended with my asking you that. I understand if so, I was too when my six-year-old daughter asked me the same question. So I ask you to take a deep breath as I had to do and consider the heart of who is speaking to you.

See Lyianna came home from school Monday telling me all about how she learned what September 11, 2001 was. I was surprised and almost upset because Jacob and I had not discussed this yet with her. For good reasons too. This day for kids typically is associated with firefighters dying trying to save people and soldiers going to war to fight the bad guys who caused this horrific event. So she already deals with the real worry that her daddy (being in the military) may leave at any given moment to go do the same thing. And Lyianna does understand the sacrifice of her father being willing to give his life for his country to potentially prevent horrific days like this from ever happening again. But for her to fully understand the gravity that September 11 was a reality for people, for families, and for little girls like her was heart wrenching.  For her it was a sense of innocence lost. She knew the truth now. At the end of a long conversation and many tears she made a decision. Lyianna wanted to celebrate.

Lyianna shared how she had also learned that everyone came together to help each other even though many of them were strangers. She said she thought God shined His light that dark day and I absolutely agree. Lyianna chose to celebrate what God did that day in the hearts of people. So from today and each year forward I will join my daughter in honoring, respecting, and memorializing September eleventh. We will never forget and always choose joy in remembering a day in which our nation carried one another’s burdens. Will you celebrate now?






My sweet Lyianna,

Today is one of those days you made me really proud to be your mother. Your heart and mind has nothing to do with what I or your father teach you, it is all Jesus in you. Today was an easy day to be your mother. Thank you for cheering me up on a day I typically am sad, worried and reminded of the enemy’s scheming. You reminded me in a powerful way that no matter what may come God is for us and we can be united as a people. I love you.



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