Sunday Style : Muslin

Happy Sunday y’all! We made it through our first official night in our new home! I’ll share a blog post on that later this week. For now, I’m happy to answer some of y’alls questions I received via email. A few of you wanted to know what the weather has been like and what I’m wearing.

It’s hot here. Like disrespectfully hot. Until my body is acclimated to the humidity I’m keeping it basic, light and simple. I don’t enjoy sweating through my nicer clothing so my go to right now are my muslin dresses. I actually have four. See here is the perfect example of why I just have to have multiple colors of the same thing, (Jacob!). So yes basically I’m rotating the same dress in four different colors and if I get through the day without sweating or spills I’ll even wear them one extra day. Shhh, don’t tell anyone. Today’s rotation was obviously grey!

I don’t know if you have anything made of muslin material but if not, go get yourself something. It is so comfortable, light and airy. Disclaimer, this material can be high maintenance though and so I opt for dry cleaning instead of hand washing. I’m lazy, I know. Just a heads up for all my budget peeps. I’ve noticed in the last couple of years the material muslin is popular for baby swaddle blankets. I actually bought my newborn niece a few since she is a summer baby. You know something is super comfortable if babies are using it right!?

I couldn’t have picked a more comfortable dress for an unexpected busy day at church! We attended service, a membership class, and youth leader training all on top of spending time getting to know some of the pastoral staff. Thank you to those who have prayed with us for so long over what church we would be a part of. I’m so relieved and happy to share those prayers have been answered. God has us where He wanted us and we are grateful. I’ll share more on our church in a later post too.

Enjoy fellowship today!



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