Saturday Sights: Shurijo



Good evening y’all. Well it’s actually probably morning or afternoon for most of you, so, konichiwa! That means good day/afternoon in Japanese just in case you didn’t already know. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know because today was the first day I remembered it. You think I should have had that memorized with how much I ate sushi in the states but nope.

Anyhow, today was a great day. It became great once I stopped saying “nope, I won’t do this.” I only said that in regards to the heat and because I have known heat like this before. I really thought those Miami days were behind me so please remind me why I’m experiencing this all over again? Oh yes, that’s right because I’m in love with a man who keeps moving me to different lands of an eternal summer! And boy did today feel like summer. Thankfully the Lord was with me and I pushed through trying to ignore how drenched in sweat I was. I finally got too distracted with getting lost, keeping the girls from falling down steep stairs (made of rocks!) and falling off cliffs (also made from rocks!). Win, WIN. And I thought the car ride there was scary!

Let’s play a little game shall we? What has rocks embankments, stairs and pathways? Er. wrong. Wrong to whatever you just guessed because I’m sure you didn’t guess a 600 hundred year old castle! We visited the Shurijo Castle today here in Okinawa, Japan and it was breathtaking. Well everything we saw from the outside was anyways. We didn’t actually go inside the royal courts or castle. I’m sure you figured out why too. Remember that heat? Yeah that’s reason number one. And reasons number two and three are named Lyianna and Camrielle. By the time we figured out where to go by finally finding someone who spoke some english to direct us we then had to hike up a flight of those awesome rock stairs I mentioned. Yeah we literally were too tired, hot and decided to make another trip when it gets cooler. Uh, anyone can tell me when that will be? Thank you in advance.

In all sincerity I can’t wait to go back and see the castle from the court yards and then inside. When we do go back does anyone want us to blog or take photos about anything specific while there? Until then you can read up on the castle here. Enjoy the cultural read!





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