Fatherhood Fridays: My First Grader

First steps towards her brand new school!

Strong role model!

She picked out her entire outfit by herself! Daddy’s little girl. So proud of her!

Sisters saying goodbye…for now!

Camrielle plotting how to spend time with her parents now that Big Sis is in school…

I often joke to Lyianna that on the day that we brought her home from the hospital, she was the size of a Chipotle burrito.  Born a premie, she never ceased to amaze us with how quickly she developed into a precocious and self-aware little human being.

Not long ago, while sitting in my arms, she randomly recounted a moment over 2 years ago in Hawaii where I was so furious at her for not getting out of a pool when I asked her to.

That was the moment when it really hit me – literally every single moment and interaction from here on out is data going into my little girl as she develops into a woman who will one day be a mover and shaker.

Long gone are the days that were depicted in Mary Poppins: the father comes come to his castle at 1800 after a long day at work to pat his children’s’ heads as they marched off to bed.  Simply being a steady provider doesn’t cut it anymore.

My wife occasionally helps me reset my headings when she reminds me how it was for her to grow up in a single mother household – she often yearned for the simple moments of a romanticized father that she never had.

Thusly it meant a great deal to all of us that I was able to be there for Lyianna on her first day of first grade in a whole new land.  It may be a mundane moment to many, but I am assured that my daughter benefits from these cumulative moments.

Additionally, due to the nature of my new job, there will be periodic stretches where Daddy won’t be home to kiss her goodnight.  Therefore, it was all the more precious to be able to walk my little girl in on her first day of first grade…in a completely new country and culture.

“In their hearts humans plan their steps, but the Lord establishes their steps.”   Proverbs 16:9




Wholesome Wednesday: My World


Jacob and I after we surprised ourselves with passing our license test! We really thought we failed!


Hello from half way across the world, literally. The word world has been on my mind this week especially today. I mean it’s only natural, right? We did just move half way across the planet! I am still trying to wrap my mind around that. Can anyone who has lived overseas please tell me when my mind will adjust from vacation mode???

In the meantime I am happy to report that I am finally adjusting to the 15 hour time difference. For the first time I actually slept through the night and only had one headache today. The best part is I wasn’t the only one! Jacob and the girls also slept through the entire night and felt great today. Today was a day we felt on top of the world.  Why? I am glad you asked. Let me share.

To start, this week has been non stop with Jacob having to check into his new command, getting ourselves international phone numbers, registering and starting Lyianna in school, same with Camrielle for daycare, exchanging dollars to yen, taking taxis here and there, finding cars, attending housing and new comers briefs, all while trying to adjust to that time difference previously mentioned. But today. Oh today was the fruit of all that frenzied labor. We had a few of our biggest prayers answered all on one sweet day.

This morning we accepted the offer for our housing, this afternoon we passed our international drivers license test, and this evening we paid for our vehicles. You read that right y’all. We officially have a home and a two cars! What a victory right? I can already see the smiles of those who have walked us through these last three months without most of those basic needs. The real triumph, however, came in the few sweet words of a song that became the soundtrack of my thoughts. “He’s got the whole world in His hands …”.

God holding and transforming my heart’s desires these last seven days is the real testimony. I came here with the expectation of God answering my prayers alright but my way. I had a specific school picked for Lyianna and specific housing to live in on a specific base. I began realizing I needed to surrender control and start asking boldly for what God already had planned because this was what I could delight in most. As soon as I relinquished all control I was able to experience my deepest desire, God’s specifications. Lyianna is in a better school and we have a newer renovated home on a more centrally located base. My favorite verse is Psalms 37: 4 ” Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. ”

No matter where you are in the world today, it is the perfect day to remember this promise.

oh and I promise to update you with photos of our vehicles, school and home in upcoming blog posts!

Thank you and Blessings,


Twinning Tuesday: Sister Travel Look





Jackets: Target | Gingham Tops: Nordstrom Rack | Leggings: Target | Shoes: Native | Smiles: mom and dad

Y’all jet lag is not really something I have ever experience to this magnitude. My head hurts constantly, I feel slow and I really am lost on time! I am loving the random middle of the night moments in prayer and feeding my wide awake kids though. Why am I jet lagged? Because we moved, remember? This is how it all started ..

We began our journey in North Carolina ( where we sent the majority of summer) on Friday August 17th. We were supposed to fly out that evening and encountered our first delay. Now I had intuition days prior to our flight because I took notice to how quick our layover was, 30 minutes! So I called the airlines and asked what to expect with the worst case scenario. I was then prepared. So when Friday’s flight got cancelled due to mechanical errors ( uh yeah no thanks!) I was ready for when they said they would have to transport us to a completely different airport in North Carolina and get a flight to Seattle from there. After Jake and I agreed to trust God and my decision-making we began plotting how we could get a layover in Texas. Crazy to y’all right? I mean we had just moved from there lol why were we trying to go back?

A ten-day old Annabelle Joy was our reason why! We had seriously been praying that she would debut into the world before we officially left Texas but she is her mom’s daughter and came when she wanted. That was ok because it was only a few days off of what we were praying for. Anyways, I kindly asked the attendant how we could essentially make this happen. She proceeded to find a flight with a Dallas layover. The airlines transported us via taxi on a two and a half hour taxi ride to the next nearest airport and put us in a hotel that night. It was smooth sailing the next morning and we were on the first flight out to Seattle with the Dallas layover! Amazing what God can do when we just ask huh?

We arrived in Dallas and had the sweet blessing of spending 5 whole hours with baby Annie and our closest friends. Even our Stacey’s dropped by for last hugs and jokes. Upon our return to the airline we got delayed two more flights and then finally boarded the red-eye. We placed our luggage in the overhead cabins and sat down only to be notified the flight was cancelled. The airport being shut down for five hours that day due to inclement weather forced our flights pilot to be diverted to another state and so therefore we had no pilot to fly our plane. This time the airline couldn’t put us up but gave a discounted room at a Marriott. Not so bad but they couldn’t get us onto another flight without separating our family until late the next night. Oh no, what to do? OH that’s right, spend more time with our framily! Darn. So big D came and picked us up and we spent an entire day with baby Annie.

It definitely was the Lord’s favor. In what could have been hell like most others trying to travel out that day turned to extra quality time with the best support system we have ever had. I mean we were moving out of the country!

Yes, we have officially moved overseas y’all! I would love to have ended the sweet story of favor right there but we ended up getting delayed until the red-eye flight again due to smoke in Seattle. Planes were experiencing delays due to the smoke from California and Canada fires. We did however make that last flight! We then had the biggest blessing of spending our last three days in the USA with my mother and sister. It couldn’t have been better. Oh, and did i forget to mention Seattle was the original delay? We were supposed to fly our of Seattle August 17 when we were informed days before that there wasn’t a flight until that Wednesday for our whole family. So can we all agree that was what GOD?!

From Seattle we left super early Thursday morning and began the thirteen hour flight ( but it turned out to be 20 hrs with stops at other bases ) to our new home. It still seems surreal to say I moved out of the country! The flight turned out to be amazing actually. We were obviously exhausted and slept most of the flight and when we didn’t sleep we were eating, watching movies, reading and talking with friends we made on the plane. It was a military flight and our first at that. So there was a great sense of a unspoken understanding of empathy. No one was bothered by crying kids, hyper kids, talkative kids, snoring, pacing the isles and we even had one another’s backs. I had noticed a marine fell asleep right before lunch was about to be served so I made the daring decision to wake him up and let him know lunch was coming. Thankfully, he was thankful and then at one point that same marine woke me up because he noticed my husband and I had knocked out and our two-year old was climbing out into the aisle, lol. My favorite part was probably making friends with Leah who sat the two rows behind me with her husband and two sons. We bonded and thankfully so. We have been together for all of our housing and welcoming briefs. So in a season where I have to start from scratch with making friends it’s already going unexpectedly well.

I know this post has turned into quite the long one and it’s ninety percent because I am jet lagged, the tot is napping with my husband and Lyianna is already at school, in first grade. I miss my people in this moment and I thought I’d say hello and share with you the wild but exciting favor filled journey overseas.




P.S. Anyone else have any guesses where we moved to?!

Sunday Sojourn



Photos are from the end of May. It took the moving companies three days to pack it all up!

Hello and happy Sunday! Are you surprised to find me writing? If so, I understand. I disappeared on y’all, again. This time I was gone for four months due to being wonderfully distracted by family. By wonderfully I do mean wonderful but also full of wonder. For that reason I am unapologetic ( that is for you Teri and Katrina!) Ready to hear about those new and exciting distractions that kept me absent from here? Any guesses before I start? No, ok read on.

It started with our oldest finishing Kindergarten. That last month of May in school got so busy for us. It definitely didn’t help being room mom, cookie mom (for her Girl Scout troop), finishing up gymnastics, piano and singing lessons. I also simultaneously was spending more than usual time with my youth because their year was also ending. However, the timing was perfect because as school for all my kids was ending so were deadlines with collaboration partners. With school and blogging on break I decided to take one too. I chose to rest from everything that I could.

Proudly and gratefully there is only one part of our life that we don’t really get a break from, the military. In case any of you readers forgot, I am a military wife. A Navy wife to be precise. The time for Navy to move us quickly approached and our three years in Texas was at an end. Thus, it created the real reason I chose to fully engage in nothing else other than spending quality time with my family and friends.

You are now officially caught up on why it was so quiet around here. We just arrived to our final destination yesterday. So, you really do get to be part of this new journey with us and from the start!

We have sojourned to the hottest and furthest temporary home yet. Are you the one wondering now? Any guesses where on earth we moved to? Comment your guess below. If you guess right, first, we have a little surprise to send you!

Stay tuned and you will see!



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