The Guenther House



Hat: Tuesday Morning | Earrings, Dress & Purse: Apricot Lane Boutique Fort Worth | Wedges: Tory Burch


I can’t believe it has already been a week since my husband and I enjoyed a brunch date here at The Guenther House. The Guenther House is a family home turned museum and restaurant in the 1980s. It sits right along the San Antonio river making the ambiance relaxing and aesthetically pleasing.

A friend of ours had been telling us about this spot weeks before our trip and then again by our friends who joined us on the trip! So, we definitely felt compelled to go. We are so glad we did because we had a wonderful morning date in an unexpected romantic setting. We had fun reading about the history and touring the museum while waiting to be seated on the patio. Our time together here was even more enjoyable thanks to beautiful weather. This was not only our favorite part of this year’s trip to San Antonio but the perfect way to end it.

You can read more about why this place is such a gem here. In the mean time take my word (and hundreds of thousands of other people’s) that The Guenther House’s waffles are the best! I got mine with freshly cut strawberries, mmm.

Oh and this is the same dress I wore today to church.




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