Thursday Travels : Spring at the Silos


Thank you for reading stopping by our little space and reading. Today I am implementing an earlier vision for my blog and it will be one of my favorites. I really hope it will be the girl’s favorite too.

Welcome, I will be documenting our travels for the girls on random Thursdays. I’m constantly trying to counter my “thyroid” and “mom” brain with catchy phrases to help me remember stuff so this is how “Thursday Travels” was coined. Initially I was regretting not updating our travels consistently and in the moment but now I am kinda proud. The reason I didn’t keep up with my blogging our trips, in the moment, was simply because I made the intentional effort to be in the moment with my family. In our techno generation this can be quiet the challenge! However, I have no regrets.  I am finally in a season where I can be more consistent with updating everyone about our travels! Plus I found a way to simultaneously play catch up, I will be doing fun “Throw Back Thursdays ” of our yesterdays. Expect unexpected updates of local and world travels with our little family.

To start, I am sharing photos from our recent trip to the famous Magnolia Silos in Waco, Texas. We didn’t go on any ordinary day either, we chose one of the busiest times to go. We ( Chelsy and I ) decide to brave the thousands plus crowd during their Spring Silobration. We enjoyed the road trip, shopping small businesses, picnic on the green, playing and the cupcakes! Ok so I have to share that the line for cupcakes was about an hour wait ( yes, they’re that good!) so although I’m down to take my kids everywhere I’m not really willing to wait in hour lines with them but I thought quickly. I found a mother who looked sweet and offered to pay for her cupcakes if she would add our choices to her order and she obliged! See, us moms have to stick together!

My friend Chelsy is one of my best friends. She is one of those that I’m going to be sticking with for the rest of my life. She is never afraid to get out and live life with me and our kids! I love this about her and myself. Mother hood is hard enough so why not tackle it together without sacrificing adventure and spontenaity?! Plus, the memories for our girls is priceless ..




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