Mini Me Monday : Bowling

Hat: World Market / Sweater: Sugar Love Boutique / Jeans: Calvin Klein / Heels: Jessica Simpson


This past weekend was the grand opening of Pinstripes in Fort Worth and we were blessed with a generous night to enjoy their bowling and dinning venue. I am so excited for the opportunity to encourage you to go out and experience a new and sophisticated way to be entertained for yourself. Pinstripes really brought to life their vision and passion of gathering while uniquely enjoying one of America’s best leisure sports.

The best part is you can do this with your kids! Let me tell you friends, we brought a couple of two-year olds and a six-year-old. It was obviously a comical challenge teaching the two-year olds bowling and so there were a couple dropped balls and drinks spilled but they graciously and professionally love us through it. I will always remember our server Mancy. She didn’t allow us to keep apologizing but rather kept redirecting our focus to having fun. She exemplified superb customer service which I have to assume is the representation for their whole staff. So I would be bold and request her as a server when you go out on the lanes.

After a couple of hours of bowling we took a tour of the facilities and then relaxed by the fire pits while waiting to be seated for dinner. By relaxing I do mean my friend Chelsy and I did diaper changes while my husband actually sat and warmed himself by the fire pits with Lyianna, lol. We did get a couple of minutes to relax before we were seated so it’s technically a win, right?

My favorite part of the experience was the food. There is something so comforting in sharing a meal with your people and so this was the needed winding down of our evening. We had an amazing waiter named Curt! I expanded my palate by trying an off the menu entrée. It was an ahi tuna ceviche like dish. It was actually suggested to me by the CEO and I am glad I listened. It was delicious and I really hope they officially add it to their menu. My husband enjoyed his filet mignon and the kids pizza, lol. They have a pretty decent range of foods on the menu so you have choices.

I can’t tell y’all enough about how glad I am that we chose to experience this new joint and again with our children. We were super impressed with how family oriented Pinstripes was. From the toddler sized bowling shoes to the children’s menu to the booths you can trap your kids in, Pinstripes really made you feel at peace about having your kids for a night out. Oh, and did you notice how adorable there bowling balls are?! It’s safe to say we will probably be regulars here …

So why are you still reading this?! Go make a reservation!




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