Mini Me Monday : Texas Tulips

Mommy’s Look (from head to toe) : Nordstrom Rack | Girl’s Overalls (and tops) : Baby Gap | Lyianna’s Booties: Target | Camrielle’s Boots: Baby Gap


Mini Me Monday is my favorite part of this blog. I’m curious, is it your favorite part too? I fully enjoy documenting my fashion for the girls to relish in later and our matching outfits bring me the most joy. The clothes in themselves are fun but it’s our adventures that make it memorable.

This past Sunday was a memory ball worth keeping kinda of day (that’s a little Disney there for you, wink). It began with making it to church on time! Seriously, you know it’s going to be a good day when you can make it to church in time for worship, right?Church was followed by a delicious Tex Mex lunch. May I just take another quick moment to share that Tex-Mex food somehow has wiggled its way into my heart? I know, I can’t believe it either. Some body smack me, please! Anyways, back to lunch. Over lunch Jacob and I decided to spend the day “off the grid”. So we went home changed, turned off our phones, got in the car and drove an hour and fifteen minutes north of Fort Worth, Texas. Yes, we drove to in the middle of nowhere y’all. However, in the middle of this cow manured corner of Texas is a hidden gem, Texas Tulips.

Texas Tulips is one of those companies whose story is just so inspiring. You can read their story here. They’re story and hearts are the best reasons to support local and small companies. It makes it even sweeter that they support our military community by offering a military discount on the weekdays. Check it out here.

I dressed us up in what I call our flower picking outfits. I’ve secretly been dying to wear a pair of jean overalls while in Texas and this posed as the perfect opportunity. I am not going to lie, I totally felt more Texan! I debated on having us wear our rain boots since it had been raining the previous days but of course I made an error in judgment and decided on our version of country boots. This was a mistake because I didn’t anticipate the mud. I didn’t let that ruin our time though. Texas Tulips thought through all of that for us by providing little booties to cover your shoes when walking around in all the dirt and mud. They also provided planks of wood to walk over in deeper mud areas. So I’m glad that we not only looked the part but our outfits actually turned out to be functional.

Little Camrielle sure grew in her curiosity for mud. By the end of our time there she was scooping it up and then throwing it back down. She did also like wiping it off on everyone’s jeans but her own, lol. And Lyianna well she would have picked every tulip if we let her! She really enjoyed the picking process.

Taking in the views of these simplistic but beautiful flowers was so refreshing. Texas Tulips provided moments of grounding and contentment that made being so far away from family ok. We also found picking them was a needed and therapeutic way to end our long week. By the way when I write we I do mean my husband also took part in this!

If you need to explore unknown parts of Texas or just get a little break away I encourage you to venture out for a serene experience!




Lyianna and Camrielle,

Sunday was so fun and special for daddy and me. We love oppurutnies to show you something new and watch you enjoy it. Flower picking and planting are some of the best memories for me with grandma. I hope you always remember this day, this tulip farm, the fun adventure of trying to not sink in mud! I pray it brings you a smile and/or giggle.



Sunday Tulle

Necklace: Bauble Bar | Top: Nordstrom Rack | Skirt: Windsor | Heels: Sara Jessica Parker | Purse: Michael Khors


Happy Sunday! I know I have been MIA for a bit (a long bit) and I can explain! First let me say thank you. Thank you to all who love and support me with constant encouragement of getting back on here. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I appreciate you.

Right before the holidays I took a trip to Georgia with my family who I don’t get to see often. We celebrated one of my little cousin’s Army boot camp graduation. It was a time full of pride, tears, hope and love. Being a military family I value time with loved ones much more than I did before. So this short and quick week together was really meaningful. I chose to put my phone away and focus on being in their presence. Well one week turned into the next once I got back home. Decidedly, I took a break from social media life.

Looking back now I realize how crucial that break was because life got so busy with expected and unexpected experiences. Some of those experiences I will be sharing soon.

Until then I’m continuing with bringing you Sundays in Style and I’m starting with this tulle skirt ensemble. Just something about wearing tulle that makes me feel even more like the princess that I am. Especially on a Sunday when I’m going before the king with heart and worship!




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