Ah ha ha ha, Darling!

Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs | Fur Vest: Uptown Cheapskate Consignment | Top: Victoria Beckham | Skirt: Victoria Beckham | Heels: Jessica Simpson

There isn’t a cruel bone in my body so I’m all smiles in this costume. Failed at being in character but this was my favorite one! Lyianna matched me with a Dalmatian get up. If you can believe this, we didn’t take one photo together! I don’t know how it happened but we will do that photo shoot this week for memory’s sake. Hope y’all had a safe and fun night. 

Last night we enjoyed our last night in California. Sad to come back to Texas but we had a fun and unique trick-or-treating experience. We collected candy in the airports and on the planes. I really appreciate Southwest’s enthusiasm in dressing up. They were amazing! Flying on holidays can have so many benefits.

In a few hours I’m boarding another plane and heading to Georgia to be with family for a special occasion. I haven’t really caught my breath yet as I’m rushing around town to get as much done as possible. So tired is an understatement but family is family, right?!

So I had a few people ask for some non-costume Disneyland looks while at Disneyland. I am happy to say I actually did this! I will share the shots with you soon because I’m already working on that blog post!  

Happy November,



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