There’s no place like home …


Dress: Victoria Beckham | Clutch: Gifted | Heels: Jessica Simpson

There is truly no place like home but where is home for you, us? Being a military family our home has been four different states over the last six years! I know that sounds insane and it has been (a little ) but overall it has been one the best experiences in our lives. Next summer our home will be in a whole new country! I’m still trying to wrap my brain around that one. I shouldn’t be this surprised because my husband did say he would show me the world when he proposed, and he sure is!

The Sarah life (as I call it) is basically me packing up my “tents” and following wherever God sends Abraham or in my case, Jacob. It most definitely has its challenges but the blessings truly surpass the struggle. My favorite inheritance of perseverance through this military life is the the framily we have made. Friends who become family away from family (as we say in the military) make it easier and that much better. 

Of course, we always and firstmost have each other. That saying “home is where the heart is” has become prevelant for us. Each other is all we have sometimes. Wherever we can be together is our home. However, home for us did start in California. We were born and raised there and so it’s nice to go home as much as we can.

In one more day clicking my heels to go home will be a reality and my heart can’t wait! 



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