DIY Halloween Costumes Part 2: Mysterious & Spooky Closet

Sunglasses: Marc Jacob | Dress: Nordstrom Rack | Boots: Nordstrom Rack


Hello friends! I want to start by thanking all of you for your support in following and reading my blog! I can see how many are reading from all around the world now! It is so fun and it brings our family joy! THANK YOU!

If you read last night’s post then you know which tip I’m following with today’s look. If you haven’t read it yet, that’s ok! Just click here to catch up. In thinking of what characters I could resemble somewhat naturally I thought this one was fun. It is also a little more dark for my taste so I put my own spin to this creative adventure, starting with the boots. For this character I technically should be wearing black tights but if you remember I am dressing up with what I already own. So, since I don’t have black tights ( I prefer leggings) the boots were a perfect compromise. They still keep me in character, warm and I can wear this anytime.

I may have been wearing these boots for the last two days now but it is for good reason. They are that comfortable and warm. Staying warm while dressing up for Halloween has always seemed to be the challenge everywhere we have lived. Well, minus Miami duh. Thankfully, I am no longer living in that disrespectful heat. Texas does have its own heat but it is nothing compare to Miami. It does subside right about Halloween time and it actually gets cold here.

So if you need a costume that is warm and from your closet try substituting with boots when you can. They can be a bit warmer than tights or leggings. By the way I scored these boots for twenty-three dollars during a “clear the rack” sale at Nordstrom Rack. I got them in grey too, lol.

Do you know who I am? The title of this blog post is your one clue!




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