DIY Halloween Costumes Part 1: Family Traditions




Hey y’all! It’s that candy filled, scarying one another time of year again. Jacob and I don’t actually like this holiday but we do love that it’s a reminder of when we met, dressed up in costumes. Therefore, it has become one of our favorite celebratory times of the year. We made the meaning of this holiday about us versus remembering the dead. You didn’t know that’s what Halloween is about? Now you do. You can read more here on its origins. For now, I’m excited to share a few pictures of our family costumes over the years. I would also love to encourage you with a few tips on how to save money while shopping for Halloween costumes.

Tip 1: Buy costumes from second-hand stores. 

The first photo you saw was of our first year’s tradition. It should be an obvious Wizard of Oz theme but you just never know, lol, we did make Jacob’s scarecrow costume! We searched high and low within our price range for our costumes and couldn’t find mine or his on budget. So we searched second-hand stores until we stumbled upon mine! This Dorothy dress was just hanging there looking all brand-new and so we purchased it. We spend a whole seven dollars too. Amazing right? I found the sparkling red flats at target for ten dollars. I re-used these for years around the holidays and on Disney trips! Lyianna’s lion costume was a gift from family and the inspiration for our themed tradition!

Tip 2: Shop your closet for items to ensemble a costume.

I did mention earlier that we made Jacob’s costume and here is why. We couldn’t find a scarecrow costume online, in stores (not even second-hand). So we turned to his closet and picked out what would work best. We spent one dollar on straw and stuffed it around his neck, wrists and ankles. When all else fails see what you already have at home because you may surprise yourself and save money too! When following this step I would suggest sticking to characters you naturally resemble in one or more ways. For example, pick characters that don’t require wigs, contacts or different skin color. Stick to characters in which you share the same hair color, length, etc. As most of you have already seen this is what I have been doing with the looks I have been sharing. The best part is that in its own way it will most likely be unique to your style!

Tip 3: Buy costumes from clearance sales right after Halloween!

I think we can all agree that costumes can be expensive even when utilizing the tips above. Sometimes consignment shops charge same prices as brand new items and making your own can become costly if we aren’t careful so if this is the case for anyone here is my last tip. Reserve some cash within your budget and a little patience. Wait a until a couple of days after Halloween to go shopping for next year’s costume. Prices usually drop and become clearance sales. This is what we did last year and we are excited that the wait is finally over. We will be wearing the costumes this year. I can tell you right now that it cost us a total of forty dollars for our little family and they are brand new!

I hope this helps! Feel free to ask any questions about any more details. i am more than happy to help!

Chills and thrills,


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