Monday Mail


It’s Fall y’all! I just finished addressing the last of my cards to be mailed off! Aren’t they so pretty?! I commissioned Sweet Words to make these custom greeting cards. I fell in love with Charity’s signature watercolor style from the very first time I saw her work. I really enjoyed being able to give my own creative input too. I wanted the quote “it’s Fall y’all” on top of a watercolor leaf. Of course, I chose colors that represented autumn. Charity exceeded my expectation by taking it one step further in doing the shimmer. She knew me! I love anything that adds a sparkle. It was a perfect touch for all the friends who have sparkled in my life.

Friends can be hard to come by especially when you move around as much as I do. I have learned that being a friend first is most important. Good friends can make all the difference in life and am thankful for the difference they ave made in mine. As I shared previously, I have gotten so consumed with my own recent trials that I have unintentionally closed off. Yet, my friends did not. They have at many times been answers to prayers and lifted my soul. So this card and this verse was a perfect way to express my heart.

Maybe you also are needing to get back to old-fashioned ways of keeping in touch or simply saying “hello”. I knew I couldn’t be the only one so, again, I am excited to share that Charity have partnered to bless one reader with a gift card to Sweet words by Charity! For the chance to win this giveaway just make sure you are subscribed to my blog, joined to her mailing list and leave a comment of your favorite art or lettering designed by Sweet Words by Charity. All entries will be verified, enjoy!



This giveaway has now been closed.


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