Repeat Sunday

Necklace: Macy’s | Dress: Nordstrom Rack | Purse: Michael Khors | Heels: Jessica Simpson


Good morning! It’s now the third day of Fall and it is still in the nineties! Can you guess where I live? Yup, still in Texas. I’m praying and praying it cools down but until then I’m going to keep wearing summer dresses.

I’m even going to wear them on repeat, like this one. I wore this striped dress a few weeks ago to church. I wore it with gold metallic to make it a transitional piece. Adding metallic to any outfit can take it from plain to ready for fall or the holidays. Here I go wearing it again. I had no time this morning to pick anything new out because I’ve been chasing my lost two-year old around since six am. I managed to feed everyone a decent breakfast and then I just had time to pick between doing my hair or putting something new together. This is just real life, lol. I’d prefer giving people an opportunity for double takes opposed to crazy hair looks.

Anyone else experience a morning like this ? Wardrobe chaos?




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