A Sweet Saturday



Good evening y’all. Today has been one good day. It began with a syrupy ( real maple syrup!) breakfast. Lyianna and I enjoyed making gluten-free pancakes that were flavored with pumpkin spice and in the shapes of leaves! Yes, we were celebrating the beginning of fall. Our day continued on to participate in the grand opening of a local cake shop and we enjoyed a hayride at a nearby farm. We maximized this opportunity didn’t we?

Fall is my favorite time of year and I’m looking forward to everything pumpkin but also the return of some old hobbies. One of those is writing. I have been a little absent writing here on my blog but more regretfully in the lives of my family and friends. Yes, there is social media and phone calls but there is also corresponding through mail, “snail” mail. I miss and love writing my family and friends cards. It is a simple and sweet way to share in all occasions.

What better occasion to say “hello” than at the start of a new season? Thankfully, I have acquired a little more time to myself and help! I’m always looking to do something new and/or unique so I’m excited to share how I have partnered with Charity from Sweet Words by Charity.

Sweet Words is a Fine Art and Lettering business and I love her work. I also enjoy supporting small businesses and working mommas so it was a perfect that I commissioned a custom order. I enjoyed being able to share my own creative desires for my cards and to see how excited Charity was to fulfill them. I have always enjoyed looking at calligraphy and art. She combined them both and added a flare of fall. The communication was outstanding too. She share with me every step of the process making it even more fun for me. It was so hard to be patient for the final product but it was worth it! Now I hate to leave y’all hanging but I can’t show my order just yet. Once my family and friends have received theirs I will post Charity’s work.

Until then I am happy to make up for the anticipation of my revealed order. Charity and I have teamed up for a giveaway! One winner will be blessed with a $25 gift card to CharityGrimes.com! You can go ahead and click that link to see her work and join her mailing list, this will count as one entry. Next you just need to subscribe to my blog (if you haven’t already) and leave a comment of your favorite art or lettering designed by  Charity! These entries count as your chance to win this giveaway. Y’all have until midnight of 09/25/2017. All entries will be verified.




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  1. They are all beautiful, but my favorite would be the Baby Name and verse cards. That is a truly unique and beautiful gift to send to the new baby’s family.

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