Mini Me Monday: Sisters

Bows: Little Poppy Co | Jackets: Target | Tops: Gap | Bottoms: Target | Shoes: Target


This mini me Monday has me grinning ear to ear. These two sweet girls love each other and it makes me so happy. I remember being frustrated as each year went by that we weren’t conceiving or when we did, we lost. I remember feeling so hurt knowing it was that much more of a gap in age between our kids. Today, I’m so grateful in every way how God chose for this four-year difference. I didn’t think they would be as close as they are but God’s thoughts are higher than mine, right? They are so close! I mean a close I couldn’t have imagined.

Before Camrielle was born Lyianna would pretend she had a little sister! Camrielle is here and there is no pretending. Camrielle wakes up early with me and the first word after “pray” is “lana”. She immediately runs to Lyianna with a big smile on her face and makes her best attempts of waking her up. Lyianna has been so proud to be a big sisters and has taken his role quite seriously since the day Camrielle was born. Next to my mother and Jake Lyianna was the one who held one of my hand and counted to ten each time I had to push during Camrielle’s birth. These days she loves to help her get dressed, sing to her, read books to her and holds her hand when walking around. She truly loves to help take care of her. My favorite part about their relationship is that they love to make each other laugh. No one, not even daddy can make those two laugh the way they make each other giggle. It’s music to my soul and love overflowing in my heart.

The sweetest part? They remind me of my little sister and I. There is no one like a sister.

What’s your favorite thing about sisterhood?




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