Wearing White After Labor Day


Back in the early nineteen hundreds there was fashion etiquette and dress codes. These guidelines were implemented for just about every occasion.  They also represented the elite of society. No white after Labor Day originated from the upper classes who had completely separate wardrobes for vacationing in Summer. Leaving the city for the coast or the mountains and wearing white clothing helped escape the heat. When summer was over they returned home and to their normal city wardrobes. Contrary to the time, today, we do not have to follow this rule.

I am a rule follower and for the most part even in fashion. I just like to make my own rules most of the time! Here on Sundays in Style I wear white (even after Labor Day!) if it is still hot out. Having lived in Miami for the three years and now Texas for two I have found summer to be undesirably longer. I’m making the most out of it with what I can wear! I’ve already worn this look multiple times these last couple of weeks. It may be monochromatic but it can be versatile by simply changing up the shoes and accessories.

Anyone else wearing white lately?




2 responses

  1. I haven’t been wearing white lately, but zi have been looking for the perfect white pants for fall. Anways, I loved the outfit with the pop of color coming from the shoes.


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