Monday Mail


It’s Fall y’all! I just finished addressing the last of my cards to be mailed off! Aren’t they so pretty?! I commissioned Sweet Words to make these custom greeting cards. I fell in love with Charity’s signature watercolor style from the very first time I saw her work. I really enjoyed being able to give my own creative input too. I wanted the quote “it’s Fall y’all” on top of a watercolor leaf. Of course, I chose colors that represented autumn. Charity exceeded my expectation by taking it one step further in doing the shimmer. She knew me! I love anything that adds a sparkle. It was a perfect touch for all the friends who have sparkled in my life.

Friends can be hard to come by especially when you move around as much as I do. I have learned that being a friend first is most important. Good friends can make all the difference in life and am thankful for the difference they ave made in mine. As I shared previously, I have gotten so consumed with my own recent trials that I have unintentionally closed off. Yet, my friends did not. They have at many times been answers to prayers and lifted my soul. So this card and this verse was a perfect way to express my heart.

Maybe you also are needing to get back to old-fashioned ways of keeping in touch or simply saying “hello”. I knew I couldn’t be the only one so, again, I am excited to share that Charity have partnered to bless one reader with a gift card to Sweet words by Charity! For the chance to win this giveaway just make sure you are subscribed to my blog, joined to her mailing list and leave a comment of your favorite art or lettering designed by Sweet Words by Charity. All entries will be verified, enjoy!



This giveaway has now been closed.

Repeat Sunday

Necklace: Macy’s | Dress: Nordstrom Rack | Purse: Michael Khors | Heels: Jessica Simpson


Good morning! It’s now the third day of Fall and it is still in the nineties! Can you guess where I live? Yup, still in Texas. I’m praying and praying it cools down but until then I’m going to keep wearing summer dresses.

I’m even going to wear them on repeat, like this one. I wore this striped dress a few weeks ago to church. I wore it with gold metallic to make it a transitional piece. Adding metallic to any outfit can take it from plain to ready for fall or the holidays. Here I go wearing it again. I had no time this morning to pick anything new out because I’ve been chasing my lost two-year old around since six am. I managed to feed everyone a decent breakfast and then I just had time to pick between doing my hair or putting something new together. This is just real life, lol. I’d prefer giving people an opportunity for double takes opposed to crazy hair looks.

Anyone else experience a morning like this ? Wardrobe chaos?



A Sweet Saturday



Good evening y’all. Today has been one good day. It began with a syrupy ( real maple syrup!) breakfast. Lyianna and I enjoyed making gluten-free pancakes that were flavored with pumpkin spice and in the shapes of leaves! Yes, we were celebrating the beginning of fall. Our day continued on to participate in the grand opening of a local cake shop and we enjoyed a hayride at a nearby farm. We maximized this opportunity didn’t we?

Fall is my favorite time of year and I’m looking forward to everything pumpkin but also the return of some old hobbies. One of those is writing. I have been a little absent writing here on my blog but more regretfully in the lives of my family and friends. Yes, there is social media and phone calls but there is also corresponding through mail, “snail” mail. I miss and love writing my family and friends cards. It is a simple and sweet way to share in all occasions.

What better occasion to say “hello” than at the start of a new season? Thankfully, I have acquired a little more time to myself and help! I’m always looking to do something new and/or unique so I’m excited to share how I have partnered with Charity from Sweet Words by Charity.

Sweet Words is a Fine Art and Lettering business and I love her work. I also enjoy supporting small businesses and working mommas so it was a perfect that I commissioned a custom order. I enjoyed being able to share my own creative desires for my cards and to see how excited Charity was to fulfill them. I have always enjoyed looking at calligraphy and art. She combined them both and added a flare of fall. The communication was outstanding too. She share with me every step of the process making it even more fun for me. It was so hard to be patient for the final product but it was worth it! Now I hate to leave y’all hanging but I can’t show my order just yet. Once my family and friends have received theirs I will post Charity’s work.

Until then I am happy to make up for the anticipation of my revealed order. Charity and I have teamed up for a giveaway! One winner will be blessed with a $25 gift card to! You can go ahead and click that link to see her work and join her mailing list, this will count as one entry. Next you just need to subscribe to my blog (if you haven’t already) and leave a comment of your favorite art or lettering designed by  Charity! These entries count as your chance to win this giveaway. Y’all have until midnight of 09/25/2017. All entries will be verified.



Fall Florals and Fruit

Dress: Nordstrom Rack | Purse: Nine West | Heels: Sarah Jessica Parker

Although I still need to be patient in waiting for the weather to truly cool down this is not the case for bible study. I have so much joy that the fall series begins this morning. I love that I get to spend time with other women who are kind, good, gentle and faithful in fellowship and leading. I’ve even found peace in what to wear!

It’s nice to have a reason to dress up a little, fellowship with other women and study the word of God. I’m really looking forward to this study! If you are in the Fort Worth area and have been looking for something to do check it out! Click the link here and find out how to come and join us!

My mother is in town and will be joining me today too so that is an even bigger plus! We had fun getting ready together. It is still pretty warm here in Texas so wearing transitional looks like this are how I’m coping. One of my favorite and easiest ways to create a transitional look is with colors and patterns. The floral pattern on this navy blue dress says fall even though the fabric is chiffon. I can easily wear this again with over leggings and the knee boots when it’s cooler. Although I was tempted to wear those boots now I settle for these bootie heels!

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. ”



Mini Me Monday: Sisters

Bows: Little Poppy Co | Jackets: Target | Tops: Gap | Bottoms: Target | Shoes: Target


This mini me Monday has me grinning ear to ear. These two sweet girls love each other and it makes me so happy. I remember being frustrated as each year went by that we weren’t conceiving or when we did, we lost. I remember feeling so hurt knowing it was that much more of a gap in age between our kids. Today, I’m so grateful in every way how God chose for this four-year difference. I didn’t think they would be as close as they are but God’s thoughts are higher than mine, right? They are so close! I mean a close I couldn’t have imagined.

Before Camrielle was born Lyianna would pretend she had a little sister! Camrielle is here and there is no pretending. Camrielle wakes up early with me and the first word after “pray” is “lana”. She immediately runs to Lyianna with a big smile on her face and makes her best attempts of waking her up. Lyianna has been so proud to be a big sisters and has taken his role quite seriously since the day Camrielle was born. Next to my mother and Jake Lyianna was the one who held one of my hand and counted to ten each time I had to push during Camrielle’s birth. These days she loves to help her get dressed, sing to her, read books to her and holds her hand when walking around. She truly loves to help take care of her. My favorite part about their relationship is that they love to make each other laugh. No one, not even daddy can make those two laugh the way they make each other giggle. It’s music to my soul and love overflowing in my heart.

The sweetest part? They remind me of my little sister and I. There is no one like a sister.

What’s your favorite thing about sisterhood?



Wearing White After Labor Day


Back in the early nineteen hundreds there was fashion etiquette and dress codes. These guidelines were implemented for just about every occasion.  They also represented the elite of society. No white after Labor Day originated from the upper classes who had completely separate wardrobes for vacationing in Summer. Leaving the city for the coast or the mountains and wearing white clothing helped escape the heat. When summer was over they returned home and to their normal city wardrobes. Contrary to the time, today, we do not have to follow this rule.

I am a rule follower and for the most part even in fashion. I just like to make my own rules most of the time! Here on Sundays in Style I wear white (even after Labor Day!) if it is still hot out. Having lived in Miami for the three years and now Texas for two I have found summer to be undesirably longer. I’m making the most out of it with what I can wear! I’ve already worn this look multiple times these last couple of weeks. It may be monochromatic but it can be versatile by simply changing up the shoes and accessories.

Anyone else wearing white lately?



Romper Dress

Romper: Khols | Heels: Nordstrom Rack

Feels so good to be at the end of Summer. I can’t wait to dress in everything warm and cozy. Until that time I am content wearing the last of my summer dresses, or in this case a romper. I typically don’t enjoy wearing a romper because they can be quite inconvenient. However, this one was unique and a birthday gift from a close friend. I love when friends know my style! 

I can’t wait to show y’all some cute school uniform style next week. The last two weeks have been busy with adjusting to the new school schedule and making Lyianna’s school uniforms fun and cute. 


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