Back to School + GIVEAWAY

Glasses: Christian Dior | Dress: Sugar Love Boutique | Planner: Horacio Printing

Good morning! The first day of school has come and gone for many students across America, our oldest included.  Lyianna started Kindergarten yesterday and I can’t believe it! We are grateful that she is at a great school and has a wonderful teacher but it is bittersweet. In all the excitement for her I do find myself wishing for the slowing of time. I know this is impossible and for good reason but it does give me the extra motivation to be more intentional with the time I have with Lyianna this school year.

In addition to the responsibilities of being a mother and going back to school myself I have the privilege of being the “room mom” for this year. I am very excited. It is a special measure to bond with her in these early years of school. My heart for serving her teacher and the class in this way is not enough. I need to be prepared and organized. I do this easily with my planner like most parents. However, my planner is different.

I was gifted a Horacio Printing Planner for Christmas two years ago by my friend Alena. It is a christian planner that has helped me connect deeper and more intentional with God, myself, and others. Horacio is a latin word for timekeeper. Their planners have brought me to the start of every season with readiness for life, simultaneously, encouraging me spiritually through bible verses, prayers and focus on God as the center of all my plans. The added bonus to these Horacio Printing planners is that they are beautifully and fashionably designed! In just a couple of weeks they will be releasing their 2018 designs. Until then you can check out their different designs here and use their “back to school” code: backtoschool.

Alena gave me a beautiful and needed gift. I had no idea it would be a gift that kept on giving. I want to follow in her footsteps and bless y’all with the chance to win a 2017-2018 Student planner or a sketch journal. There will be two winners, one winner receives the planner and the other winner receives the journal. Just click the link below for instructions!

This giveaway is now closed and winners have been notified by email.

Blessings to your school year,


P.S. This is for my wonderful subscribers only! You can subscribe now by inputing your email at the top of this page!


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