Travel Tip: Weekend Getaway Packing Part I




Welcome! I am on my way out for our last summer vacation. We are going out-of-town for just the weekend and a friend who knew this asked me to write a post on packing. I also happened to have a couple of readers ask! I guess it was destiny. Here I am in the midst of packing last-minute. The first and most imperative tip is not to save packing for last-minute, like I’m doing right now. Wow, I am already setting a horrible example, lol. Insert rolling of the eyes here. However, if you are like me who is packing for a family of four (or my friend Lisa who packs for a family of seven, true story!) then I do understand that it’s almost impossible to get it done any sooner.

Second, manage your time wisely. Again, I’m still in the learning process of this! Organizing each person’s planned wardrobe into carry-on sized luggage is the best management of time. Rather than spending time throwing clothes on and off, let’s decide before what to wear and take. This is how you will avoid ending up flustered and over packing.

Third, don’t be the over-packer. I have found that compiling a mini capsule wardrobe works best. For example, if you noticed the pictures above I have selected sixteen items to take and the majority of them fold thin. I also only chose three pairs of shoes (that choice may have been the most difficult). I will be wearing one pair at all times, which further lessens the bulk. That is the purpose of a capsule wardrobe: to have a set number of pieces to wear interchangeably and that don’t take as much space. The key, however, is to choose items that are basic and re-useable. Hence the neutral colors and items that pair well with others. I know that when I take the time to create capsules of staple but versatile pieces I can actually pack less. Planning a capsule wardrobe is also one of those few times that less is more. Take another look, go ahead scroll up, I will wait. Ok, so it doesn’t really look like much right? That’s because it’s really not and all of it fit into my carry on! How did I transform those few items into more? Below I have posted pictures of the eighteen different looks I styled. Eighteen different outfits y’all! Crazy right? Obviously a weekend does not consist of eighteen days but if it did? Well let’s just say I’d be ready and styled.

Lastly, find a reason to love packing. Attitude changes everything. Since becoming a wife and mother just the thought of packing can be daunting, but then I remember what I love about it. I especially love coordinating matching looks. I encourage you to find your reason to love packing. I mean that shouldn’t be too hard. Every vacation requires a little packing, so we might as well get excited about it, right?

Curious to see how these outfits look on? Well then come back next week for part II.

Thanks for reading & goodnight!




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