Mini Me Monday: Twinning & Swimming

Hats: Target | Bathing Suits: Gap | Sandals: Old Navy

Wearing a variety in style of dresses is a joy I find in Summer. Next would be swimming. I love swimming. As a child my sister and I basically lived in the pool. Those are my favorite memories of summer as a girl. My mother didn’t know how to swim and so even when she asked us to get out and we didn’t listen, she couldn’t make us. The consequences were often times worth the extra pool time.

Time spent in the pool these last few months has again been my favorite part about summer. I am a woman now but still have the same joy flowing in my soul when in a pool. These days it’s my daughters refusing to get out of the pool and even if they do comply I have to deal with all the tears. It is still worth it. Don’t you agree after seeing their content faces in the most adorable matching swimsuits?



Lyianna & Camrielle,

You have been blessed with not having to go to swim classes but rather having your father teach you both how to swim. Swimming with daddy after work this summer has been what you have looked forward to each day. I pray you still think of him and those times now at whatever age you are reading this. I love you – mom


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