Not enough yellow 

Sunglasses: Justice | Top: Target | Shorts: Target | Shoes: Converse



This is what I wore Monday, the first day of Stampede. I was confident that I had brought my game with wearing yellow.  I was wrong. It was not enough yellow. My team made me wear a yellow tulle tutu on top of this and an orange head band to signify that I was a team leader. I will add photos of that look in a later post. In the meantime I just want to share what a joy it is to be a part of something so big.

These kids are learning the word in such a powerful way and having fun while doing it! The energy from this experience is so contagious that you are more than glad to step out of our comfort zone and match it. It is an incredible commitment to be a youth leader. I spend a noticeable time away from myself, husband and daughters to invest into the youth. It can be tiring, require patience, and a big heart but it is worth it. If you have a heart for youth and a passion for Jesus, consider being a youth leader. Pray on it. It’s an amazing way to invest in our future.

I’m a daughter to the King first and everything else second. So although I sacrifice sweet moments with family and friends there are amazing rewards. Answering the call God places in my heart and following His command to share the gospel are two. I have been blessed with getting to know some amazing young ladies and even young men. They blow me away with their potential and love for Jesus. I have cultivated deeper level relationships with these girls just by listening, sharing how God speaks to me and my past experiences as a youth. They are even teaching me how to be a better person, mother, friend and Christian. The most unexpected reward is that a few of these girls have become girls who are investing in my daughter by being teachers in her classes at church and babysitting. I can’t think of better examples to my girls than my youth girls, lol!

This week is so packed with meetings, prayers, worship, sermons, games, long hours, and pretending your body is that of a 15-year-old, but it has also been filled with the rewards of joy, rejuvenation energy and witness to kids loving on each other and God. I can’t wait to give y’all a re-cap of the whole week once we are done. Until then keep these youth, volunteers and pastors in your prayers!




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