Shoes speak louder than words 

Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs | T-Shirt: Nordstrom Rack | Shorts: Nordstrom Rack | Nike Slides: Nordstrom Rack

What is the first word that comes to mind when you look at a pair of shoes? Cute, want, love, and ew are a few of the words that come first to my mind. My next thoughts are usually about how comfortable or uncomfortable the pair will be. Of course, looking at the price then leads me to whether I will try then on or not.

More times than not I I’m drawn to purchase a pair of shoes for their fashion statement rather than their coziness. Once I try them on and walk around the store in them for a bit I finalize my decision. All the shoes I own not only speak to style but are also agreeable with my biomechanics.

My body loves when I wear these Nike slides especially while on this road trip of a vacation. They are so quick to slide on and off and right that is perfect for getting in and out of a car. These may be my “mom shoes” but they are stylish too! When I first saw these slides I thought “love”, “want” and “please”. I tried them on and knew they would speak to what real motherhood for me is. Being relaxed and ready for whatever my girls may bring to the day. Being put together and strutting around in heels is for Sundays and dates. Oh yeah and girl’s night out, lol.

What’s even better is that they are right on point with price. I bought them for under $25! I couldn’t find them online to link for y’all but as of yesterday they are in store over at Nordstrom Rack. Happy shopping!





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