Monday Mini Me Florals


My Dress: Nordstrom Rack | Heels: Nordstrom Rack & Girls Dresses: Target

Today we have yesterday’s Sunday look. Now we don’t match exactly but close enough. This is my third time wearing my dress since spring. It is fair to say I love it. I fell for what an enjoyable fit it is and that it is effortless to style. The floral print is a statement in itself. To dress it up for church I paired it with my favorite white heels. I know I can just as easily wear this dress with a pair of sandals too and feel just as put together. The girls dresses I found at Target. As soon as I saw them I wanted them. For little girls you don’t see the sheath dress too often. You typically see the sun or jumper style in dresses. I also love it is something they can wear in the fall so hopefully we don’t have too big of growth spurts, right?

Today was super fun but relaxing. After going to church we changed of course and headed out with our sweet cousins Trisha and Cesar. We enjoyed an hour drive up into the mountains and had a nice picnic. We did a super mini hike and enjoyed the breathtaking views. It was a little nerve wrecking trying to allow our girls the freedom to play but it warmed my heart to see them so happy. They really had fun collecting rocks and throwing branches around.

Once back down the mountain we enjoyed listening ( and a little dancing ) to jazz music at a city park. It was a soothing and sweet way to end our beautiful day.




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