Rooftop Pool Reflections 

Hat: Target | Sunglasses: Kate Spade | Swimsuit: Marshalls

I love being a wife and I love being a mother. Both are my greatest blessings. I can honestly attest to loving my life. I love that I have daughters for children and I love my completely opposite of me husband. Taking care of them brings me so much joy. It also brings some of the biggest adversities I have ever encountered in my thirty three years. The biggest challenge I have encountered is the time to take care of me. I’m only eight years into marriage and only five into motherhood so I’m learning. I’m pretty sure I’ll always still be learning too. Right now the most important lesson I have learned is to take time for me. 
Time for me, alone, is deeply desired yet so difficult to accomplish. To leave the house without the girls and husband seems easy right? Just get in the car and drive anywhere away from your house. Who else day dreams about the husband walking through the door and simultaneously you are walking out all the while yelling freedom!? Then you wake up and finish stirring the meal, sweeping the dirt or folding that never ending pile of laundry. Yeah me too. In my home the minute Jake walks through the door I experience the most precious and priceless moments I will treasure for eternity. Jake walks through the door and our girls throw him a very excited, screaming as loud as they can while running into his arms welcoming home party. Every single day. Who wants to miss that or the smile on his face that he has arrived to his safe haven from his hectic world? Yeah me either. So when do I go? 
I go on Saturday mornings while my little family sleeps in. I’m an early rise and apparently the only one in our family. I have found my God given time for me. Just me. Of course every now and then I want to share my sweet window of time with a friend. That’s what I did this last Saturday. A friend and I enjoyed five hours of lounging by a pool on the rooftop of a nice hotel. I took that nap I couldn’t get in all week and enjoyed meaningful conversation. I even got into that bathing suit, finally! 

Lyianna & Camrielle, no matter how busy life gets , take time to step aside and have moments of solitude. I really hope that I have modeled this well. Taking care of you enables you to take better care of others. I love you.



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