Bright Nights

Dress: Nordstrom Rack


We had an amazing babysitter watch the girls so Jake and I could enjoy a night out. We sure enjoyed a night out on the town too. We started the evening with a short drive into the city and then ate at a new restaurant called Bird Cafe. The ambiance of the restaurant was romantic. We felt so relaxed and at peace there. Sometimes it is hard to experience that at restaurants but not here. We really enjoyed listening and talking about so many new things happening in our lives other than the girls. It can be challenging to exclude talk about our children from a date but we are getting there! Jake and I enjoy walking and so we spent some time walking around downtown while people watching. Does anyone else do that? We had the blessing of ending th night with some really great people. We turned out date into a double date with another couple we know and enjoyed dessert and laughter.

The dress was the perfect for this particular evening as it was warm. So warm it reminded me of our Miami nights. The color even took me back to Miami’s bright fashion culture. This fuscia beauty was also fun dress to wear. It was just the right amount of sexy without removing the class. The best part about it was that it only cost thirty dollars! I know, it basically was a steal. Yes, it was on clearance and I did buy it from Nordstrom Rack. The majority of my shopping is at Nordstrom Rack’s clearance sales. This is exactly why. I can find designer and other brands for a fraction of the original cost. I also mostly only shop when they have what they call “clear the rack”. This clear the rack is when you can take an extra twenty-five percent off the clearance price. Amazing deal right?

Happy shopping and date nights,





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