Friendship Fashion & Fellowship 

Dress: Nordstrom Rack | Wedges: Tory Burch

It’s Tuesday morning and women’s bible study is back from vacation. I am very excited! It’s another day in the week where I will encounter more adult conversation and the girls get to have more opportunities to make friends. It is also one more reason to have fun with my wardrobe.

From my wardrobe I chose this light and airy dress for today. The dress’ lace and crochet carry out my love of mixing textures. I am not the biggest fan of crocheted clothing but it is so minimal on this dress that it drew me in. It also happens to be one my husband’s favorite and draws out an extra smile or two. I’ll take that! It is warming up lately and so this dress allows me to be a couple of degrees cooler than a pair of shorts and t-shirt. I’ll take those extras too!

Have you experienced that sometimes what you wear brings out a smile and further initiates a conversation? I have too! Typically, we offer where we purchased the pieces of wardrobe, how much and etc. This has happened many times and especially at church. Remember that apart from a special occasion I really only get dressed up on Sundays (wink insert here). I know there is a lot of controversy on how women of the church should dress (and that is a an entire post to write in itself later.. ) but I I’m grateful to have been and be a part of a church that have not only met me where I was and am spiritually but also fashionably. How I or other women dress has led to conversations that have sometimes even led to friendships!

Friendships are one of the most beautiful but at times the biggest challenges in my life. So when our church announced this summer’s study title “Messy Beautiful Friendship” I was excited. There is great female leadership at McKinney Church and again look forward to hear how they teach on this three-week series. Getting plugged into bible studies has opened doors to push me out of my comfort zone and meet women, ultimately make friends. Here in Texas I have worked to do that and gratefully have made some good friends. I’m ready to go fellowship with them now so I’ll catch you up later on the study or if you are in the Fort Worth area of Texas come join us! Email me for questions and details.




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