The Hillman’s Lake House 

Hat/Bag/Sandals: Target | Sunglasses & Dress: Nordstrom Rack




We are so blessed to be starting and ending our day with framily ( friends who are like family). Moving around every few years is challenging but God has been with us. He has blessed us with friendships that are more like family. We also have the unique experience of having close friends all over the country!

Having now lived in four different states over the last six years, Texas has been our favorite. We did not think there would be much to do here or that we would really get to know people. We were wrong. Not only have we made amazing friends we also have had some of the most wonderful experiences. One of our favorites is spending time at our friend’s lake house. Every time we are there we feel at home and at peace.

Not many things I wear do I feel peaceful in. I usually feel fun, festive, or fancy but when I wear this airy dress I feel at peace. We shall see how long this feeling lasts because today I will mostly be out of this dress. I look forward to being in a bathing suit and jumping off a dock as many times as possible.

Girls, my time with you on the lake has taught me to overcome my fear of just jumping in! You two bring out the little girl that I forget is in me. I will never forget your way of encouraging me, Lyianna, was with a memory verse. You had me bend down and whisper in my ear, ” God did not give you a spirit of fear and doubt but of love power and self-control.” How could I remain fearful after that?! You are the most fearless little girls I know. It is inspiring. I pray that you stay this way long into your years of life. It is one of my favorite qualities about both of you. I will cherish all of our memories made here at the Hillman’s Lake House. I love you.




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