Thursday Tastes: Bentley’s


Food & Beverage: Bentley’s 1515 W Magnolia Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104

Morning! Today I am writing a post about this hip little spot off Magnolia Avenue in Fort Worth Texas. Just thinking about my experience at Bentley’s makes me want to go back, like right now. 

I noticed Bentley’s one day while driving to my usual coffee spot. I actually noticed a sign that said “crepes”. My heart skipped a beat! I love crepes. 

I decided this would be the perfect morning date for my husband Jake and I. The first chance we had after my return from Mexico City we made the short drive over. To our disappointment it was closed, they open at 10am on weekdays. It is a little late to open in my opinion but if you can wait till ten o’ clock it is worth it. Jake and I didn’t want to wait two hours to eat breakfast so we decided on another location.

Two days later, I had “me” time and ate their for breakfast. It was so good! I chose the Cinnamon Roll crepe and my goodness this sweet tooth was satisfied. You can request seasonal fruit as an extra if it is available. Thanks to favor strawberries and blackberries were available. They also have savory crepes, hot dogs, beer and more. All of which I intend on tasting over the few visits, starting this weekend, lol. 

Anyway, I know I previously stated that I have a favorite coffee spot but it is not because of the coffee. I’m actually not the biggest coffee drinker. I look forward to the ambiance of coffee shops and love the smell of coffee but I usually enjoy a chai tea. There is no tea at Bentley’s but  Michelle did talk me into trying an amazing cup of their cold brew. Wow, it was actually refreshingly tasty and gave me a kick for the rest of the day! 

The crepe, coffee and affordable prices make it easy to go back. I will return sooner than later because of the customer service. I was treated so well and kindly. I love that I entered as a first time customer but left feeling like a regular.

I hope your experience is just as lovely,



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