Ain’t no mom got time for that …

Necklace: Macy’s | T-Shirt: Hope Outfitters | Jeans: Nordstrom Rack | Heels: Sam Edelman




Can I get an amen to the testament that “ain’t no mom got time for getting all dolled up every single date?”  Yes, thank you! I absolutely had no time to get ready this particular date night. I decided while driving home after running all of my errands that I would just wear this same tee and jeans. I’m also going to confess at this juncture that I didn’t even have time to shower. But hey I worked my magic and quickly changed out the flip flops for heels, added some volume and bounce to my hair with a quick spray of dry shampoo, threw on a statement necklace for some bling and finished the look by rubbing on this bright pink lipstick. I had a smile the rest of the night. That smile definitely emulated from conquering the wardrobe upgrades but even more so from this conversational t-shirt. Don’t you love wearing something that you get to explain? I do.

So let me explain why I am writing about a t-shirt. Sound silly? It’s not. It is exciting. This specific tee is so much more than a t-shirt. It’s a life changer, literally. This t-shirt and many other stylish designs are the face of a charitable organization called Hope Outfitters. Once Hope Outfitters designs and sells their apparel, they donate 100% of their profits. I know sounds crazy, right? I asked the same questions going through your head at this moment. Why would talented people do this? What are they giving all their earnings to?

To start, they give all of their profits to different organizations. Right now they are giving the profits of this t-shirt that I’m wearing and similar apparel to a campaign called Mercy Ships of Hope. you can read more about how this specific campaign is changing lives physically, emotionally and spiritually, right here. Read it, comment below with how these mercy ships leave people, and you will be entered into a chance to win a $25 gift card! This wonderful company built by amazing people are giving up their earnings to give love to those in the world who really need it.

Ultimately, Hope Outfitters is bringing hope. The best part is they don’t want to do it alone. We can help. What better way to help than by getting dressed? We all need to do it and for the most part we want to look good doing it. As stylish and hip as their apparel is, nothing looks better than wearing a smile it will bring. You will smile just as much as I do knowing that what you wear is making and will continue to make a difference in the world. Oh, and best part is you can get 10% off your purchase when you use my code: SUNDAYINSTYLE777, now that is love!





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