Sunday’s Church Lace

Dress: Good Night Macaroon | Heels: Nordstrom Rack | Purse: Michael Khors

Happy Sunday y’all! This week has flown by. It was my was my first week of being back in the swing of having the girls, all to myself. I am pretty exhausted and look forward to just resting after church. I will only have a few hours of rest before vacation bible school starts this evening. I’m excited to be volunteering in my daughters age group. It’s her first time and she asked me to be there. It doesn’t get any sweeter than your child asking you to be present for their first experience for anything, right?

As I think about this pending experience I am reminded of my own vbs days as a child and it makes me very excited for Lyianna. She is going to have so much fun and make lasting memories.  I hope her most treasured memory is of us sharing this week together. 

I will also remember how great I have been feeling now that I am fully readjusted to being back in the states. I found it the right time to wear this beautiful lace dress from at Good Night Macaroon. The fabric is just the right weight and length. I am most pleased with the classiness of it especially for being a lace ensemble. It is perfect for a Sunday in summer. 

Blessings to the rest of your weekend,



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