Sunglasses: Steve Madden | T-Shirt: Carmax/ Kaboom

Good morning lovelies! I’m focusing today on one of my favorite kind of t-shirts to wear. A community service t-shirt. My love of fashion doesn’t lessen but rather grows when I have an opportunity to wear something that represents more than a name. 

Last week I had the chance to spend a few hours volunteering at one of the elementary schools in our district. This school received a grant from Kaboom! to build a new playground. If you haven’t heard of Kaboom please keep reading. Hopefully you can help a local school out! 

Kaboom! is a national non-profit organization that dedicates time and resources to help bring balance and active play to children. They more specifically help schools in poverty. You can read more here

A friend of mine is a teacher at a local school here in Fort Worth. She asked us friends and family to help her school by volunteering to partner with the Kaboom! team and help build improve the children’s active play. With the help of hundreds of volunteers it was built in one day. It was incredible. It was also incredibly hot! Thankfully I had a great shirt to absorb all of that sweat. I had a rather simple job and it was to paint the recycle symbol on all the new trash cabinets. I am no artist but they came out ok, right?
If you have a few hours to yourself at some point then I encourage you to consider being generous with your time and volunteer in your community. You really can make difference! 




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