Ain’t no mom got time for that …

Necklace: Macy’s | T-Shirt: Hope Outfitters | Jeans: Nordstrom Rack | Heels: Sam Edelman




Can I get an amen to the testament that “ain’t no mom got time for getting all dolled up every single date?”  Yes, thank you! I absolutely had no time to get ready this particular date night. I decided while driving home after running all of my errands that I would just wear this same tee and jeans. I’m also going to confess at this juncture that I didn’t even have time to shower. But hey I worked my magic and quickly changed out the flip flops for heels, added some volume and bounce to my hair with a quick spray of dry shampoo, threw on a statement necklace for some bling and finished the look by rubbing on this bright pink lipstick. I had a smile the rest of the night. That smile definitely emulated from conquering the wardrobe upgrades but even more so from this conversational t-shirt. Don’t you love wearing something that you get to explain? I do.

So let me explain why I am writing about a t-shirt. Sound silly? It’s not. It is exciting. This specific tee is so much more than a t-shirt. It’s a life changer, literally. This t-shirt and many other stylish designs are the face of a charitable organization called Hope Outfitters. Once Hope Outfitters designs and sells their apparel, they donate 100% of their profits. I know sounds crazy, right? I asked the same questions going through your head at this moment. Why would talented people do this? What are they giving all their earnings to?

To start, they give all of their profits to different organizations. Right now they are giving the profits of this t-shirt that I’m wearing and similar apparel to a campaign called Mercy Ships of Hope. you can read more about how this specific campaign is changing lives physically, emotionally and spiritually, right here. Read it, comment below with how these mercy ships leave people, and you will be entered into a chance to win a $25 gift card! This wonderful company built by amazing people are giving up their earnings to give love to those in the world who really need it.

Ultimately, Hope Outfitters is bringing hope. The best part is they don’t want to do it alone. We can help. What better way to help than by getting dressed? We all need to do it and for the most part we want to look good doing it. As stylish and hip as their apparel is, nothing looks better than wearing a smile it will bring. You will smile just as much as I do knowing that what you wear is making and will continue to make a difference in the world. Oh, and best part is you can get 10% off your purchase when you use my code: SUNDAYINSTYLE777, now that is love!




Thursday Tastes: Bentley’s


Food & Beverage: Bentley’s 1515 W Magnolia Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104

Morning! Today I am writing a post about this hip little spot off Magnolia Avenue in Fort Worth Texas. Just thinking about my experience at Bentley’s makes me want to go back, like right now. 

I noticed Bentley’s one day while driving to my usual coffee spot. I actually noticed a sign that said “crepes”. My heart skipped a beat! I love crepes. 

I decided this would be the perfect morning date for my husband Jake and I. The first chance we had after my return from Mexico City we made the short drive over. To our disappointment it was closed, they open at 10am on weekdays. It is a little late to open in my opinion but if you can wait till ten o’ clock it is worth it. Jake and I didn’t want to wait two hours to eat breakfast so we decided on another location.

Two days later, I had “me” time and ate their for breakfast. It was so good! I chose the Cinnamon Roll crepe and my goodness this sweet tooth was satisfied. You can request seasonal fruit as an extra if it is available. Thanks to favor strawberries and blackberries were available. They also have savory crepes, hot dogs, beer and more. All of which I intend on tasting over the few visits, starting this weekend, lol. 

Anyway, I know I previously stated that I have a favorite coffee spot but it is not because of the coffee. I’m actually not the biggest coffee drinker. I look forward to the ambiance of coffee shops and love the smell of coffee but I usually enjoy a chai tea. There is no tea at Bentley’s but  Michelle did talk me into trying an amazing cup of their cold brew. Wow, it was actually refreshingly tasty and gave me a kick for the rest of the day! 

The crepe, coffee and affordable prices make it easy to go back. I will return sooner than later because of the customer service. I was treated so well and kindly. I love that I entered as a first time customer but left feeling like a regular.

I hope your experience is just as lovely,


Tuesday Travel: Embroidered Tulle & Teotihuacan, Mexico

Top: Zara | Shorts: Walmart | Sandals: Unlimited


This Tuesday’s Travel post is brought to you by a recent mission trip to Mexico City. I had no idea that we would be having a free day as my mind had been set on working my butt off the entire week, however, I see how taking a day of rest was fruitful for our group. Especially knowing that it would be our last day of rest, lol.

We had been resting from work over a meal the night before when this little adventurous “free” day was confirmed by our youth leader. We just happened to be at a mall eating that meal. I just happened to eat my meal quicker than everyone else. Everything just seemed to be “happening” so perfectly. Can you see where I am going with how this look was transpired? My decision helped me work in twenty-five minutes of extra time to shop. I apparently had a couple of enthusiasts so my friends Bridget and Ryker joined me. Oh sweet Ryker, he had no idea what it was like to shop with females. His hope of getting a baseball cap quickly dissipated when we were at the fifteen minute mark and still in the same store, lol.

Zara (pink version here) is that one store where I laid my eyes on this beauty. The stunning embroidery is what caught my eye but the tulle is what finalized my purchase. I figured this blouse would not only be fashionable but functional. It was made of breathable material. I was told the sun was pretty hot at the pyramids so you know, it was meant to be y’all. OK, ok. I still find laughter in my thought process of deciding this would be a great choice for hiking up what I didn’t know at the time to be steep stairs. I made it work! I do suggest to be like everyone else and wear more athletic clothes.

I thought the first set of stairs up to the moon pyramid were challening but boy was I wrong. I had a tiny bit of trouble with the Sun Pyramid and thankfully (ok maybe I’m not actually thankful they had issues … ) so did a couple of other people from our group. I fit right in. The pyramids were truly breathtaking! Yes, they both physically and asthetically took my breath away. If you ever have the chance to visit. Do a guided tour and preferably a guide you can understand! Here is a link to read up on the history and archeolgy of Teotihuacan Pyramids.

Lyianna and Camrielle, these are one of those moments you are either rolling your eyes and making fun of me or admiring my spirit. The thought of that warms my heart. I wonder if I have taken you to see these by now and if not, take a trip together. Not alone of course but with trusted friends and/or family. I love you both and will save this top just for you .. kisses!



Sunday’s Church Lace

Dress: Good Night Macaroon | Heels: Nordstrom Rack | Purse: Michael Khors

Happy Sunday y’all! This week has flown by. It was my was my first week of being back in the swing of having the girls, all to myself. I am pretty exhausted and look forward to just resting after church. I will only have a few hours of rest before vacation bible school starts this evening. I’m excited to be volunteering in my daughters age group. It’s her first time and she asked me to be there. It doesn’t get any sweeter than your child asking you to be present for their first experience for anything, right?

As I think about this pending experience I am reminded of my own vbs days as a child and it makes me very excited for Lyianna. She is going to have so much fun and make lasting memories.  I hope her most treasured memory is of us sharing this week together. 

I will also remember how great I have been feeling now that I am fully readjusted to being back in the states. I found it the right time to wear this beautiful lace dress from at Good Night Macaroon. The fabric is just the right weight and length. I am most pleased with the classiness of it especially for being a lace ensemble. It is perfect for a Sunday in summer. 

Blessings to the rest of your weekend,


Sunday’s Style in Mexico 

Dress: Gifted (TJ Maxx) | Sandals: Unlimited

I’m back y’all! A blog about my mission trip to Mexico City isn’t quite finished but check back soon. In the mean time, I thought I would at least do a few blogs on what I wore. I’m starting with this Mexican-inspired printed maxi. 

A good friend of mine was getting rid of this gem, can you believe that?! After quickly looking it over for any damage or malfunctions I found none. One girls trash is another girls treasure, right!? She later shared how it had just shrunk in length making it perfect for my height. 

At the time of adding this piece to my wardrobe my mission trip to Mexico was a couple months off. I may have had time to pack but I immediately knew how perfect it would be for the trip because of the print alone. Then I realized that the material was light weight which really sold me on taking it. I remember thinking how it would be perfect for my packing minimally goals and it was. I packed less than a majority of the men and boys on our trip y’all! I will do a what to pack for mission trip post another time, promise. 

You can probably see in the photos that the only issues I had wearing this dress was the bra ( go brawless with this style y’all) and have a more toned back ( nothing working out can’t fix) … 

until next time lovelies,



Sunglasses: Steve Madden | T-Shirt: Carmax/ Kaboom

Good morning lovelies! I’m focusing today on one of my favorite kind of t-shirts to wear. A community service t-shirt. My love of fashion doesn’t lessen but rather grows when I have an opportunity to wear something that represents more than a name. 

Last week I had the chance to spend a few hours volunteering at one of the elementary schools in our district. This school received a grant from Kaboom! to build a new playground. If you haven’t heard of Kaboom please keep reading. Hopefully you can help a local school out! 

Kaboom! is a national non-profit organization that dedicates time and resources to help bring balance and active play to children. They more specifically help schools in poverty. You can read more here

A friend of mine is a teacher at a local school here in Fort Worth. She asked us friends and family to help her school by volunteering to partner with the Kaboom! team and help build improve the children’s active play. With the help of hundreds of volunteers it was built in one day. It was incredible. It was also incredibly hot! Thankfully I had a great shirt to absorb all of that sweat. I had a rather simple job and it was to paint the recycle symbol on all the new trash cabinets. I am no artist but they came out ok, right?
If you have a few hours to yourself at some point then I encourage you to consider being generous with your time and volunteer in your community. You really can make difference! 



Mini Me Monday

My Dress: Free People | Girl Dress: Nordstrom Rack | Toddler Dress: DKNY


Happy Monday y’all! It’s been a while since we have posted a tripple take. It is a tiny bit more challenging to match two daughters but we did it! Lyianna had her end of pre-k ceremony and wanted to wear this dress but also have Camrielle and I match. I think we pulled it off what do you think?

I love moments like this because not only is it fun for us girls but it is also very special. The dress Camrielle is wearing is the same dress Lyianna used to wear. I think I will save this dress for possible future granddaughters. I hope one day they can look back at this documented “outfit of the day” and smile with joy because it is their mother and aunt wearing it. This is why I like to blog …

God bless,



Sunglasses: Kate Spade {Nordstrom Rack | Dress: Lush {Nordstrom Rack} | Rain Boots: Hunter {Nordstrom Rack}

Morning y’all! I couldn’t help myself and wear a lavender dress to a lavender farm. Cheesy I know but that me! For an easy Sunday look I would switch out the boots for a pair of heels and throw on a dash of bling via a necklace. However, today I wanted to share more about what I experience rather than what I wore. 

Here is about my recent trip to Lavender Ridge Farms. Friday was my last day before leaving for a mission trip and I wanted to spend the day with my girls relaxing. It is a bit ironic that we chose a Lavender farm because Lavender essential oil is what we use to help our girls relax at night.

Our oldest daughter, Lyianna, is five years old and has been asking questions about Lavender. Since I didn’t know much about Lavender we decided to read about it together. When we can we go see what we are learning and this was the perfect opportunity. I was able to find a local Lavender farm and so we planned this trip!

Although Lavender is not in full bloom until July and August I thought this was a better opportunity to visit due to the increasing heat here. It is a little over an hour drive from Fort Worth, Texas. This was a perfect length of time for a good nap which made for a peaceful and quiet drive for us mommies (or daddies).

Once we arrived I rolled the window down to take a photo of the entrance signage and I could immediately smell the fresh Lavender. It was amazing. I felt relaxed just breathing it in. We were then greeted by an adorable dog who seemed to be leading us to the parking area, lol.

The parking and entrance to the farm is free! You pick a basket, a pair of scissors, and head out into the field to pick. As you can see in the pictures picking and placing the lavender into a basket was my daughters favorite part. I let her pick to her hearts desire and then we fit as much lavender as we could into a bunch that had to be tied with bread bag tie. Each bunch is only $8, so this is a great low-cost adventure.

We also enjoyed their Lavender café and tried an array of lavender flavored foods, drinks and desserts.  Our favorite was the Lavender Cheesecake! Once we were full and finished with touring the farm we supported this small business and purchased some Texas Lavender Honey and Lavender Vanilla soaps. Now we are ready for bath time!




p.s. everything I am wearing is from Nrodstrom Rack !




Fancy Friday

Lace Tank: Gifted | Maxi Skirt: Forever 21 | Sandals: Nordstrom Rack | Purse: Nine West

It’s date night y’all! Sadly, we haven’t had a true date since March … so not ok. We are beyond grateful to have this night alone thanks to our good friends watching our girls. 
We both decided to get a little dressed up. Something about dressing up every now and then is therapeutic. It can really set the mood for pleasently centering on each other after a long busy week or in our case a long couple of months! We see each other every day at our best and our worst and it is so refreshing to remind each other how presentable we can be without the poop stains, spit up t-shirts, and sweat pants. Can we get an amen?! 

I didn’t give myself too much time to get ready so I threw this all black ensemble together. Black can make any outfit look sophisticated and the pops of red livened it up. Red is empowering and I found perfect for watching Wonder Woman …



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