Black & White Sunday 

Dress•Heels•Clutch : Nordstrom Rack

Sunday’s are my favorite. I love getting dressed up and it felt so good to be able to fit in this dress again. However, I wore this seven months pregnant with our second daughter so I don’t know how much of an accomplishment this really was, lol. Nothing is ever truly black and white, right? 



Mother’s Day Sunday


Dress: Nordstrom Rack | Purse: Nine West | Heels: Nordstrom Rack


Now let’s talk Mother’s Day fashion. I dress up every Sunday so today was not any different. Then again it was the first day I got to wear heels in eleven days but who is counting? Oh yeah, me. I had surgery eleven days ago and strutting around in heels was definitely on the “no no” list. I chose these Jessica Simpson heels to make this floral look more vibrant. I love how a smile can polish any look too.

Every time I wear heels I am reminded of my mother. She was always clickity clacking around in heels. She was a fancy and classy woman, she still is. Some of my first and favorite memories are my getting dressed. Everything about her process of putting on makeup, spraying the sweetest of perfumes and choosing a pair of heels was so exciting to me. I daydreamed as I tried on her heels and hats about the day I would actually fit in them. Thankfully, she saved many pieces for me and they are now precious heirlooms to pass on. What I desire to hand down the most to my girls is what my mother wore best, smiles and laughter. My mother was and is truly a woman who is clothed in strength and dignity, she has always laughed without fear of the future!

What did y’all wear today that reminds you of your mother? I really want to see so tag me, @sundayinstyle (no s ) on Instagram!






Mother’s Day



My Dress: Sugar Love Boutique | Toddler Dress: Tahari | Baby Romper: gifted

I am very happy today and everyday to be the mother of two beautiful girls. Our daughters bring us so much joy. A joy that overflows even on the most challenging of days. And the best of days? They are the sweetest. Today, I ( and you if you are a mom) am celebrated for being a mother. Yet, the true celebration is in my heart, for my God. He has been generous in the fruition of birthing Lyianna and Camrielle. The gift of their health, presence and love have been the deepest desires of my heart, yesterday and today. Today, I will enjoy a cup of tea while looking back on photographs like these (last year’s Mother’s Day) and many more. It has become some what of a mother’s day tradition for me. What are some of your Mother’s Day traditions? Leave your answer in the comments below to be entered into a Mother’s Day giveaway!

Enjoy all those cute cards, breakfasts in beds, clean houses, and extra snuggles!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mommies out there!



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